Microsoft Advocates a Windows 10 Created Ex Profess to Regain Presence in Organizations and Companies of China

China is a country with very special characteristics. What may be the great global economy in a few years hidden beneath its apparent coat of opening one of the most opaque and oppressive world regimes in quite a few aspects. ES the idiosyncrasy of a country that is open to the wildest consumerism While low that layer of capitalism remains a totally antagonistic structure.

And the technological field also gets rid of these peculiarities. We have seen how there are platforms that users do not have free access at the red giant. It is the case of Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. While other companies have had traditionally expensive access to the Chinese market and that’s what loe happens to Microsoft and what they now try to put you remedy.

Microsoft He arrived in the Asian country with Windows XP, a tremendously successful system but that it was not well seen by authorities who attempted to create a clone based on Linux, everything to be said, did not have much success. So Windows XP continued circulating massively even in pirated form.

The jug of cold water for the Redmond arrived with Windows 8, an operating system that was banned for use in equipment used in official centers due to the alleged security breaches that possessed. Since the presence of Microsoft in the Asian country, at least with the blessing of the authorities, had been under minimum.

And that is something that can be changed if it prospers the agreement between Microsoft and China Electronic Technology Group, a framework participated by the Government and that it seeks to create software for use in the Chinese bureaucratic apparatus. It is an agreement by which seek to create a version of Windows 10 which can be used without problems in the Chinese market, especially in government agencies.

Expected that by means of this agreement and with the creation of an adapted Windows 10 through functions and special settings, Microsoft again have a presence with their important equipment within Chinese Government bodies and that the same happens to companies, working environments in which until now the use of Windows 10 is banned.

It is the Chinese authorities of avoid any kind of espionage and security problems, When Microsoft is an American company, the stronger country opposes the role of China as a world leader. And of course, suspicions may be skin-deep. Who said backdoors?.

It will be to know and that will be no easy task, What are the changes in the code have been added since Redmond and what can be the darker parts that have had to create a toll to be able to relaunch its presence among Chinese citizens.

It is not known when Windows 10 will be available for all computers and companies Chinese Government, something for which will require the supervision of a State Agency to be responsible for thoroughly monitor the code of this version of Windows so special 10.