Microsoft Asks for Each Android Samsung Sold $ 15

Samsung does not win for scares. After being demand by Apple and be obliged to show them his prototypes now joins the party Microsoft, requesting that Samsung pay $15 for every Android Smartphone that sells, since according to Microsoft Android violates patents that are owned.

This is nothing new, since Microsoft sued months ago to Barnes & Noble to use Android for patent infringement and is already charging $5 to HTC for each sold Android terminal to avoid legal problems.

Samsung It seems that he wants to negotiate with Microsoft to lower the price of those “ licenses ” to $10 for Android terminal in Exchange for supporting Windows Phone in the United States. This only affect software patents to all phones sold in the U.S., which is where they are legal. In the rest of the world, companies would not have legal problems.

The funny thing is that so far no one has sued Google directly, which is who offers Android to manufacturers. Google would have to rule on the matter, since this could impair the expansion of Android if you see the manufacturers that if they do not pay to Microsoft can be sued, by a patent that does not is very clear that impinge on Android, since many of those patents could be considered null and void for being basic concepts.