Microsoft Bid Again to IOS with a New Application for Do It More Fun Photos

Today talk of closed circles when we talk about the big technology brands is absurd. Consider Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Apple… well not so much Apple. All have products that offer to rival. So Google has applications for iOS, Microsoft offers apps for the other two big and reach agreements with Samsung while it manufactures panels for iPhone screens… they are all circles and are connected.

That is something from Microsoft have always been far-sighted. Your environment is not limited only to the Windows ecosystem and looking for one part attract more users and pass more revenue, they have expanded their developments to other platforms. Fact and without going very far, took a photo application called Microsoft Pix that improves even to their own using iOS default to iOS.

But don’t want to sit and watching the good reception that had Microsoft’s pix and the growth of photography with effects have opted for a new development. A new app coming to the App Store for iOS devices.

This new application called Sprinkles and it comes to iOS with the peculiarity that allows you to add text and stickers to photos we take. A feature now in vogue in many snapshots we see in social networks. This is the list of features that offers Sprinkles:

  • Possibility to insert text in photos
  • It allows you to add drawings and adhesives based on location
  • Search the web free stickers
  • Add stickers, emoji, and text in different styles
  • Automatic detection of age to look at the camera
  • You can add effects to the faces like hats, moustaches, and other accessories thanks to face detection

Sprinkles is independent of Microsoft Pix and is aimed at young people who like this type of fun effects in photographs. It is free and if you want to try for now only you can do it if you have an account registered in the App Store in the United States (so that it can follow the tutorial fellow Applesfera).