Microsoft Has in Mind Porting Windows Functions 10 10 PCs with Redstone 3 Windows Mobile

Tuesday April 11th reach the panorama Windows the last major update. Comes the Creators Update, an update that will bring a number of additives but which sis efforts focus on Windows 10 for PC, He will be in Redstone 3 (the name by which we now know it) the update that focus your aim on Windows 10 Mobile.

Y on the verge of receiving the Creators Update We already started to hear news about what can bring Redstone 3, an upgrade that is set for the end of the year. In this case the information comes from the companions of PC World.

And is that apparently the Group of operating systems from Microsoft in the integration of some functions of Windows Mobile 10 Windows 10 for PC. It would be one of the most outstanding characteristics of winter update for Windows, but what makes this movement?

Would be of unify the operation of the system in different types of devices. An operating system that would be included, whether on computers or mobile phones applications designed to receive and make calls, receive calls profiles, call manager, possibility for video calls and different configurations of the menus that are now used in mobile phones and that already be glimpsed on a pastebin

Since Microsoft have the ambitious goal of make Windows more universal. We have seen how they intend to run applications x 86 on ARM (Hello 835 Snapdragon) processor in the same way that we have had news on the adaptation of the different interfaces automatically to the type of device used.

In this way from Microsoft can try to give a final push to Windows 10 Mobile seeing above all how it continues in its continuous free fall. It is not so long as it looks to get Redstone 3 and since Microsoft still have lot of work pending.