Microsoft OneDrive in the Test

The American Software Group Microsoft offers for OneDrive lush free cloud storage and integrated online versions of the widely used programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We have the test.

In the test we use Microsoft OneDrive: Americans would of course also that their Windows and Office clientele hordes on the data cloud flies. As an incentive, there is 15 GB free. Who automatically uploads his photos or videos, receives lookup again 15 GB.

E-Mail, calendar, contact database and the online Office package together with the Notes application OneNote (test) are available for use via a Web browser. Windows 8.1 users can set your computer so that the cloud is ubiquitous. That can go as far as that all documents created on the PC is automatically stored in the cloud and one is instead equal to the Windows user account logs on with the Microsoft account for OneDrive PC.

The store service when you save the data appears a bit overly motivated, you should choose more private settings and make available offline data in the cloud via desktop application, especially as local storage brings benefits of speed. Overall performance in order goes, the functionality can be seen. Especially the mobile apps for Android and iOS have good cloud management and mature file-sharing, which includes also the assignment of permissions easier.

With write permission provided even invited without Microsoft account at least in the online Office documents can revise. Tablet and Smartphone to do so but still need the appropriate Office apps. I’m glad that Windows phones Microsoft mobile office suite have already on board.