Microsoft Surface 3 in the Test

The Microsoft surface 3 is suitable thanks to mini display port for presentations. You can interactively present with a stylus. The test shows how well this works.

Microsoft brings a second, slightly cheaper model than the Surface Pro 3 with Atom chip on the market in its third generation with the surface 3. The constraints of a pure tablet operating system, the software giant has adopted long ago. Surface 3 and surface 3 Pro (test) are both Windows 8.1 equipped and will update itself without additional costs on Windows 10 let, which is expected for summer.

While a classic pen among the surface 3 Pro, which costs depending on the processor and memory by 799 to 1549 euro, he fails the smaller surface 3 if necessary with 49 Euro extra to beech.

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Pen input

Active offer input pins like the surface pen about a or, as in this case, the luxury that you not only open a menu or control symbol must click two buttons, to transform into a selection tool or a digital Eraser pen tip.

It has become accustomed to handling and smooth switching between the modes has inspired accidental contact of the buttons in the handle, the work properly. Longer texts writing reliably and without trailer, straight lines are just a matter of steady hand when drawing on paper. She must also remain at the surface on the Tablet, because as soon as one recognizes the use of the active stylus touch or any other customized software, the Palm is ignored.


As another accessory is also the known type cover in the appropriate to the surface 3 size 10.8-inch available, that now ergonomically slanted angles such as the Surface Pro 3 allows; Cost: 149 Euro. Who owns one of the first or second generation, you can use that; as protective cover it stands over right and left side five millimeters, while lacking on the top of a centimeter. The connection is compliant with all generations.


Speaking of connection: here, Microsoft has finally relented with all those who travel frequently with more than one or two devices: the formerly proprietary connector of the 2.5 amp power supply has maintained a micro-USB connector, fits in principle also to Smartphones. In addition, an external monitor can be connected via the mini display port.

Price and availability

The surface 3 is available with 2 or 4 GB labour and 64 or 128 GB data storage from 599 euro and should be added in the near future to a variant with LTE.