Microsoft Wants to Pursue Even Google’s Goal

The Microsoft does not tire of this ongoing competition with Google. The next step of the company is very similar to what Google has given a decade ago: index all the information available in this world (and others, if any in fact). It is remarkable that Google is well ahead in this regard, but our dear MS has a secret weapon: Fact Index.

For now, the company gave no word on the subject, which makes us raise even more suspicions. What we know, beyond translation Fact Index as “Facts Index,” is that one of its officers is in this project since 2005. Chris Anderson let slip on LinkedIn the Fact Index will index all existing databases.

No genius is required to reach the conclusion that Bing would be the main benefit from this news. The “mechanism of decisions” Microsoft until it is good, but could improve with a nice presentation of information taken from the main databases on the planet.

It is good to remember that the Wolfram Alpha also has a hint of index databases. The difference is that Wolfram focuses on mathematical information. In the case of Fact Index, no DB could be indexed.

Microsoft was shy before the discovery, made ​​by Mary Jo Foley , and declined to comment on the matter.

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