Microsoft Withdraws from the Smartphone Race

Microsoft fires 1,850 employees and ‘ streamlines ‘ its business of Windows smartphones-in other words abandoning Microsoft now forbrugersmartphones.

Microsoft has year after year might see itself placed in the absolute bottom, when it comes to statements of market share and sales figures on the smartphone market. Microsoft bought therefore Finnish Nokia back in 2013, but the strategy failed.

It takes Microsoft now the consequences of fires and thus up to 1,850 whole employees, of which 1,350 of these belongs in Finland by Nokia’s factory halls, while the remaining 500 are located around the world. It writes Microsoft in a press release.

Last week Microsoft indicate that it had entered into an agreement with Nokia, which again will be allowed to begin selling smartphones with the familiar Nokia name. A contract as a result of the acquisition has prevented Nokia from selling smartphones up to 4. quarter of this year. At the same time, Microsoft sold its entire Department consisting of the ‘ old ‘ button phones-or feature phones.

The transfer of the right to a name and the sale of its feature phones turns out now to be a part of a much larger restructuring of the it giant.

‘Streamlined’ to virtually nothing

In addition to the above press release from Microsoft is an internal e-mail also sent out by Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Director, wherein it reads that the mass dismissal takes place as a result of a ‘ streamlining ‘ of Microsoft’s business of smartphones with Windows Mobile and the previous 10 Windows Phone. From the Director says among other things:

“Within the phones we concentrate on where we divide us apart from others – with companies who value the security, manageability and our strength with Continuum, and consumers who appreciate the same.We will continue to innovate across devices and our cloudtjenester across mobile platforms. “

Thus, according to Ars Technica now more or less up to other manufacturers of Windows 10 Mobile phones to conduct sales on. Microsoft’s head of Windows and the company’s units stresses, however, that one is not 100% finished with Microsoft phones. “We cut down, but we are not looking!”, points out HBBLTD.

In other words, Microsoft has finally seen in the eyes, so that its position on the market is not sustainable, and the 50 billion. Nokia-animal experiment, which crowns The Verge calls Microsoft’s resignation from forbrugersmartphones, is as good as over.

If there comes more Lumia-smartphones from Microsoft is so quite unlikely. On the other hand, suggests more and more on the fact that the last remnants of the Microsoft team within smartphones will be used to bring the Surface Phone into effect next year, which has long rumour. The next question is whether the in this case whatsoever be directed towards consumers or companies only.