Mini with Megapixels

Korean VK Mobile has made yet another different and surprising mobile phone. And VK2200 is, above all, a positive surprise.

It is very small. It is easy. Yet the four megapixels in the camera, slot for memory cards, music player and bluetooth.

If all these features also feels well functioning in practice, I will soon. First, I must just say something about the feeling of this remarkable phone. It begins at the charge. VK offers unlike other manufacturers on a percentage figure on the screen that shows how far the charge of the battery. It feels different and user-friendly.

The phone itself also feels different when I take off the back cover to insert the sim card. It actually feels very plasticky, but also that your phone is easy in the Pocket. 74 grams is not just heavy.

Once I turn on the phone, I reached for the next surprise, or should I call it a multimedial shock. VK has not saved on the sound and graphics, and I have memories of the first phone from VK’s Korean brother Samsung-filled with animated graphics and pling spirit.

But there is no need to lower the rating of VK2200 so much really. Once I went into the settings and turn off the sound effects so started the phone feel nicer.

Above all, it is the first time such a small phone has a pretty good camera. In addition to 4 megapixels and autofocus so you can do some settings to refine the image quality, especially when it comes to white balance.

Sure, it should be said right away that megapixels aren’t everything. Although this camera can take pictures with up to 4 megapixels so is the optics, sensor and the camera’s software not quite on a par with, for example, Nokia N73 or Sony Ericsson K800. But the phone is also clearly larger in format than this.

The main menu of VK 2200 contains lots of graphics and images, but it is still neat and quite tastefully. Besides the camera has VK2200 an audio player that can handle basic listening, however, to settle with the earbuds that come with it is easy to create playlists. However, one must be content with the 100 megabytes of onboard memory the phone has to store the music. The music that is on the memory card cannot be played back.

The actual playback of music works without problems. The phone can be used for other purposes during playback and then displays the name of the song that played on your screen to the phone’s basic mode.

Another boring detail as far as the memory card is to images stored there are not as låttåtkomliga as one would wish. In the folders for pictures and music end up only those media files that are stored on the phone’s own memory. But there is, after all, also the place for memory cards (microSD) in your phone, and the camera can be set to store the images there. When to use the images on the memory card, however, first copy them to your phone. Not quite optimal.

To make settings for mms and the integrated mobile browser is also not completely unproblematic. Because VK Mobile is not an established handset manufacturers, it is not just call your carrier and ask them to send the settings. But after some trickery succeeded in every case I make the settings. And the mobile browser worked decently, and did even more modern mobile-friendly Web pages. But this thing was pretty clearly the lack of 3 g. You cannot just lightning fast surfing with VK2200, but it works.

Some weaknesses in your phone’s external, I must mention. The sound in the included headset is actually bad, especially for the people talk with that barely hear a smack. So the headset you can throw, if you do not want to use it to listen to music with the VK-phone. However, the sound at the phone calls ok without a headset, and really good when I use a bluetooth headset from Sony Ericsson.

The number keys are small and do not provide as good touch feeling. It is partially understandable on a mini phone like this, but equally disturbing yet for us who like sms communication. It’s also annoying that you have to confirm every word with an extra touch when you are entering text using T9. On the other hand, is easy to turn off T9, for those who want it.

Menus and T9 language is in Swedish on the specimens to be sold in Sweden. The copy we tried and you look at the pictures here had English menus.

VK2200 also has two Java games installed, above all, AI is a Tetrik clone. Most simple pastime, nothing impressive at all, but it is possible to install more Java games on your phone.

It’s clear that VK learned some from their previous mobile models. Among other things, works without problems with bluetooth VK2200, tones are perfectly ok. However, the calendar is still really bad, and the phone book could also have been more easy to use.

Company VK Mobile were to go bankrupt in the middle of last year. This model shows the little Korean upstart yet why they have a raison d’etre. For VK2200 is, after all, an innovative mobile that can handle a lot in a small package. It had been a little more user friendly, I was applauded more.

“The hard facts of battery life”

Talk time:

Manufacturer: 3 HR 0 min

Battery talk time: 4 HR 31 min

Comment: Good battery life for a mobile that is as stripped down in the format.


“The hard facts of performance”

SP-Soil-test: XX points total, images (PNG) 95 points, 3D game 7.1 fps, jwc 2169 p.

Comment: in class with top model Sony Ericsson K800, with the exception of the image test (PNG). Feels fast in the menus.


Questions and answers

How good is the screen on this mini phone?

The screen is quite small, 1.66 inch that can be compared to 1.8 inches in Sony Ericsson mini-mobile W880. But it is matter of fact a great bright screen which will do fine for most features of the phone. Actually, the most in the browser you would like to have more and more high-resolution screen.

Does the camera against ordinary digital cameras with its CCD sensor?

Most mobile cameras use CMOS sensor, while most ordinary compact digital cameras use CCD sensor-just like VK2200. Images are good, but VK2200 does not really against good ordinary digital cameras. One advantage of the CCD is usually that when the kameraoptiken is easy to pass the camera dark environments better. But VK 2200 is actually not very good at taking pictures in the dark and use the built-in photo light, pictures a pretty cold strange light.

I have never heard of VK Mobile, how are the menus?

VK has actually been around for a while and it feels like they learned some from previous models. Earlier, the browser did not work at all well and ringtones was squeaky. The menus in this phone works like on most other phones, with a main menu with 12 icons. The submenus are lists with fairly logical selections.


Samsung X820 is even thinner, but also has a worse camera. Samsung Z720 is a thin options with both good camera, small formats and also with 3 g. But it costs a thousand more. Sony Ericsson W880 is also an option.

Rating 60%

Telephony & data 6

Multimedia 8

System and program 6

User experience 6

Materials & grade 4






The plastic quality

The handsfree


VK 2200

Type: tri-band gsm 900/1800/1900

Weight: 74 g

Dimensions: 97.5 x 49.8 x 12.6 mm

Talk time: 3 hours

Standby time: 170 hours

WAP: 1.2

Internet and data capabilities: Gprs and wap

Connection to pc/mac to pc via the supplied software and usb cable

Voice Control: No

Phone book: 1000 contacts with up to 4 numbers and email

Screen: TFT display with 176 x 220 pixels, 262000 colours

Games: Yes, the games AI and Bulbman follows with

Camera: 4.0 megapixels with auto focus and photo light

Accessories: Charger, stereo handsfree, synkprogram and data cable is supplied with the phone

Socket for external antenna: Yes