MINIMAL iPod Armband

It is not uncommon for a designer team creates iPhone accessories and mobile phone accessories. Apple iPod nano can now be turned into a clock. Designer Scott Wilson from areacodesexplorer has created iPod accessory that turns your iPod nano to a fashionable clock.

MINIMAL bracelet is available in two models – TikTok is the easy model of the two: it is essentially a plastic bracelet that not only keeps the nano securely in place, but can also be removed easily. On the other hand, is the model really an impressive model: LunaTik frame is made of aluminum and has two separate parts, together with a strap of silicone rubber.

MINIMAL iPod accessories are not available yet – it will be launched on 16 September. December: You can buy for $ 35 TikTok and LunaTik model costs about $ 70.