Minsting with Turbo

We have seen it before. Almost in all cases. New Motorola K3 looks like its predecessor, K1. Very thin and small. New K3 also has turbo 3 g. By Linus Brohult

It’s really small and light. And the feeling in this phone, there is nothing wrong. The idea is that it should appeal to those who want a right tight and stylish mobile in your shirt pocket or jacket pocket, and still have good utility functions such as mobile email.

Motorola has snowed into this design track. Thin lurking to lie nicely in jacket pocket. There is nothing directly wrong with it, but a bit simple-minded, it is perhaps that Motorola is constantly making almost identical phones. I tested the Motorola Razr V3xx for some months ago. This feels like almost exactly the same phone – just a bit smaller and narrower in the format.

The weight of the Krzr K3 is only 105 grams. The phone is 16 millimeters thin, which is not much at all considering that it’s only 4 centimeters wide. The small size is one of this phone’s clear strengths. It feels nice in the hand.

Motorola’s ambition has been pushing as much features as possible in this minimal format. To begin with, the turbo 3 g, giving good internet facilities. It can be used both to utility functions and entertainment features.

I’ll start with a theme function. Watch tv via mobile phone is something that has become possible with 3 g. The different operators have very different offerings, but I tested, for example to watch tv3 live. Regular tv series worked decently, especially since I plugged the cordless stereo headphones (phone supports stereo bluetooth) from Sony.

In the context of tv viewing could I conclude that the Krzr K3 has a really good screen. It is sharp and bright, albeit small. The weakness is in direct sunlight, then it is svåravläst.

Since the Swedish squad’s match against Northern Ireland was sent when I tested the phone I was able to see that the screen of this phone is getting a bit irritated small for football. Then you would rather have had a phone with a bigger display. But you can see the video with the screen in landscape mode.

Turbo 3 g, of course, is also useful for Web and email. The browser works well for both mobile and standard Web pages. There is also an email application on your phone, but unfortunately it is not very good. It is actually a bit strange that Motorola, which is still the world’s second-largest mobile manufacturers, continue to make phones with so taffliga e-mail programs. Even if you like the phones ‘ exterior is a clear weakness, and strange with a phone that is marketed with fast internet connection.

The weakness compared to smarter mobiles is also to your e-mail program and Web browser can not work “in the background” while doing other things with your phone. You have to sit and wait patiently while the Web page is loaded in or email downloaded. However, it is possible to set so that the e-mail is retrieved automatically at regular intervals, such as every two hours.

The camera of this phone has 2 megapixels. It bears repeating: Megapixels isn’t everything. And this 2-megapixel camera is actually one of the worse 2-megapixelkamerorna I tried. It appears on the sample image, but also outdoor photos under ideal lighting conditions are actually often quite bad. Unfortunately.

For those of us who like to take pictures with your mobile phone, it is a clear weakness in this phone.

As far as the music is, however, the Krzr K3 is clearly better. The Media Finder sorts music and videos in different folders. Music player had Motorola V3xx done better already in the model that we tested last winter. Now sorted the songs in artists, albums, playlists and genres such as pop or soul. You can also create playlists directly on your phone.

With the music started, you can fold the phone and continue to listen, or switch over to the other phone features. It is also possible in the music player is easy to choose to switch the audio to wireless bluetooth headphones, which worked very well.

With stereo headset plugged in, I found another fields miss with this phone. One of the better entertainment functions with turbo-3 g is the ability to stream the radio via the mobile network. We place can for example listen to live broadcasts from football via National Public Radio. Self provlyssnade I on new channel Metropol from Swedish radio’s mobile Web. But once I got the sound I wanted to fold up the phone and put it in your pocket. The problem turned out to be that folded phone was interpreted as that I wanted to quit listening, no matter if I disabled the active gap in your phone’s settings.

As long as I stick to the phone’s built-in music player today, however, it is good to listen with folded phone. But the 3 g radio is a great added value which should be able to get out of a good 3 g phone, so even here it feels like the developers missed a score that you have broadband internet on mobile phones.

A really good feature with Motorola’s turbo-3 g phones are actually Motorola’s pc software. Motorola Phone Tools is called and the program installed on your computer requires just a few clicks on the screen you are connected via your mobile phone. It works via bluetooth and usb cord.

The weakness of this phone is still the most to Motorola do not actually develop the phones ‘ software. They are betting more on making good looking shells. To send sms, for example, is not as simple as one would wish, not only for the T9 has been replaced by Itap but mostly because it is unnecessarily cumbersome to key in the recipient’s phone number.

A good thing is still the phone guess number or email address when you begin filling out. It simply propose similar numbers or addresses that you have entered recently. But the message is still unnecessarily complicated, just such a thing like that you have to bring up a menu to get to the place where you enter the number is actually incomprehensible.

Motorola would simply have to look over the menu system a bit. The camera performs as I have said also badly, and some nifty extra features (such as blog or rss) offered neither.

This is simply a handset that doesn’t offer that much extra snacks. How much its shiny and solid shell seems to imply something different. KRZR K3 is not at all bad, I got on quite well with it as long as I kept myself to talk, text and a bit of Web surfing. It is also nice and small. But more positive than I can unfortunately not be.

Questions and answers

You can play java games?

Yes, the Krzr K3 supports what is known as Java MIDP 2.0. In our loan specimens, there were so many fun additions, but exactly which games will be with when the phone is sold in Sweden, we don’t know yet.

How does the phone book?

Good. There is space for 1000 contacts with multiple numbers and an awful lot of other things, including email address, regular address, personal ringtone and birthday.

This it has T9, Itap instead of what does it mean?

The principle is the same: the phone guesses what words you’re trying to write so you don’t have to press multiple times for each letter. But Swedish dictionary in Itap are a little worse than the T9.


Samsung D820 is a really small neat turbo-3 g mobile phone that is better than the Krzr K3. It is a cool 3 g mobile with good material feeling you’re after? Sony Ericsson W880 can be the right choice.


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Fact box

Type: triband (GSM 900/1800/1900) and 3 g with hsdpa

Weight: 105 grams

Dimensions: 103 x 42 x 16 mm

Talk time: 2 hours 24 min (Video call 1 hour 39 minutes)

Standby time: 250 hours

WAP: Wap 2.0

Internet and data features: Hsdpa 3.6 Mbps, email, Web browser, bluetooth 1.2 with stereo audio (A2DP), SyncML

Connection to pc/mac: miniUSB or bluetooth with Motorola Phone Tools

Memory: 64 MB plus space for memory card (micro-SD/Transflash)

Voice control: Yes voice dialing

Ringtones: Polyphonic and mp3 ringtones

Phone book: up to 1000 entries with the names, nicknames, multiple numbers, multiple postal addresses, e-mail addresses, home page, photo, birth date, and Notes fields.

Screen: TFT screen with 240 x 320 pixels, 262000 colors

Outer screen: TFT screen with 120 x 160 pixels

Games: supplied with Java games, goes to load more

Camera: 2-megapixel camera and a simple camera for video calls

Other features: Java support, iTap, mms, email, calendar, media players, memory card Micro SD/Transflash, alarm clock, calculator, video call, flightmode

Accessories: stereo handsfree and charger included. Can be purchased at: Wireless hands-free (bluetooth), wireless stereo headset (bluetooth), ciggladdare, memory cards with different capacities.