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Enjoy a good movie to your phone. Or record your own and upload to Youtube. We have tested this winter’s hottest video mobiles.

Do you want to watch video on your mobile phone, there are a few things that are important. The screen of course, something that is easy to determine in the store. But it’s trickier to check which video file formats are supported, and how good the phone is to record and edit your own movies. Mobile Guide to the phone that is best at playing and recording video.

Sony Ericsson Aino

Sony Ericsson Aino mobile phone entertainment is betting on a broad front against both fotosugna, game maniacs and those who want to listen to music or watch a movie. We start with the screen, which can be crucial to the movie experience, the touch-sensitive, but not all the time. When the keypad is unfolded, you control everything as normal but when the phone is pushed up, it transfers to be controlled via the touch screen.

The screen is at 3 inches and capacitive, it means that it reacts well but does not work with pens or mittens. It is not necessary either since the menus are based on large icons. The screen is sharp and has good colors. The widescreen format is suitable, of course, good to watch movies on.

You get up a media menu with five icons where one leads you to the movie player. It is easy to get to choose between resume movie you watched or go to the last added clips. Often do you want to watch the movie you just added.

Spelaran is simple but effective, a touch screen gives you access to the controls and the ability to send your movie as a message or to the Web. The volume handle with button on the side of the phone. Unfortunately missing a 3.5 mm earphone Jack, you may use the included wireless handsfree, which works smoothly. But I like to be able to connect the headset directly.

Something limiting is that it only supports videos in mp4 and 3gp. I would have liked to have seen that it passed a few more formats such as xvid and p.

To transfer video to Aino can be accomplished in several ways. Of course, drag the videos to the right folder on the memory card through card reader or usb, but also by the software MediaGo. It is a synchronization software for the media, you can read more about it in the box next to it.

It also includes 50 films in a year by webtbtjänsten Play Now Movies. To download the movies to your computer and transfer them to your phone as you would any video that helts. It is adapted to your phone the first time you play a video from the Movies you authorize your phone by connecting to the Web. Unfortunately, there are only 15 films available at a time, it feels a bit meagre. At the same time, I think that Sony Ericsson has a good post on time.

Do you want to record your own video clips, they are decent, the colors are okay and even the sharpness, but the picture gets a little vobblig at times. Good opportunities to upload movies online but unfortunately no editing capabilities.

Omnia HD

Samsung Omnia HD is a video phone. It’s simply awesome on both displaying and recording movies. The screen is the Foundation of it all, it’s wonderful crisp, large and wide-screen format. One effect of this is that the phone is great, it’s unfortunately a bit clumsy, but when you start to look at the video, you will probably be willing to forgive this.

The screen is on 3.7 inch and use as many other phones of Samsung’s amoled technology. It gives sharpness and fine colours, but, at the same time be economical. The fear with huge screens and a lot of technology inside the shell is of course the battery to dränereras in an instant. But when we tested the Omnia, we have been able to play two movies on the same charge, which may be seen as approved.

The video player is working properly, the films IL viandante up in a list with thumbnails from the films. When you start a video automatically switches to landscape mode when you tilt the phone. A click on the screen brings up controls and settings where you can customize the movie to the screen and make the settings for the subtitles if movie has support for this.

Samsung is in my eyes right now, the market leader in supporting different video formats in their phones. Omnia is filmvästingen but several models can handle both p > When it comes to transferring the movies is the easiest-to-use usb cord. Since the Omnia has built-in memory on 16 Gb can you handle yourself quite well without the memory card.

When it comes to capturing video is Omnia HD in a class of its own among handsets. You can record for up to 1280 x 720 pixels and the quality is really good to be a phone. Light handling works great and with the lamp, you can shoot even worse lighting.

The still images are not as impressive, it’s clear that focused mainly on video features. The sound is not so impressive from the rather small and well built in speakers.

In addition to being an entertainment mobile is a smartphone Omnia HD also based on Symbian Series 60. It reminds a lot about Nokia 5800 in the menus. I prefer clearly this prior to Samsung’s own touch-based operating systems, it is thorough and works well.

IPhone 3GS

Also on the Iphone’s screen is one of the strongest cards. It does not have the same wide screen as the Omnia HD but is a little less oblong, but only slightly less with 3.5 inches. The screen is capacitive and reacts very well to over events recorded.

Both the colors and sharpness is really good, but when you put a Omnia beside and play an identical video is Omnia just a bit sharper with some better colors and a clearer picture. But getting out, beaten by Omnia does not mean it is bad, quite the contrary, the difference is quite small and it is a great score for the Iphone.

The player is integrated into the ipodfunktionen in your phone and the videos are presented clearly with pictures from the film and name. The player is really fast and all taps on the screen get an immediate response, such as the movie starts. Some wait times do not exist and it is pleasant.

Apple is as usual very good at making it simple and clear, graänssnittet, I think, is exemplary. However, the link to the program Itunes can be a little annoying. There is no option to remove any memory cards and transfer content to your phone that way, but you have to go through the music program in your computer. First, you would bring your movies in the right format for Itunes. You can also download podfilmer for free from the Itunes Store and transfer to your phone. So far, there is no option to purchase movies to Iphone in Sweden through the music store on the Web.

Format support is a bit limited with mp4, mov and h264, compared with Omnia for the most part it over so it happens quite often that the Iphone can’t handle the format. You have entered a video into Itunes which does not work in the iPhone program will talk about this when you sync the phone and the movie will not be transferred. Of course it is an advantage to get to know this already when you sync and sitting at the computer. Then you have the option to convert the movie into a workable format.

You can also record video with your phone, the result will be approved to be a phone, but no more than that. In the absence of light is Dim and the worst possible used up area be limited a bit.

However, there is a very simple editing function in the movie player that allows you to trim clips in the beginning and end, so you can cut them down before sending them on. The link is directly to Youtube, you can press a button and choose to publish it directly on the Web. You can also send it as a multimedia message or via email.

Htc Hero

The HTC Hero is not a pronounced media phone but is interesting to have because it is based on the Android operating system and it pops up more and more phones based on this Googlesystem.

Because the operating system is open, there are virtually unlimited with software to download, even for watching movies and music player. However, I have tested the video functionality with the built-in player.

The screen is on 3.2 inches and is sharp and bright enough for movies to look good. It’s not in widescreen format so the movies end up either in the middle of the screen with black below and above, or so they are cut off at the edges.

Format support is approved, it can handle mp4, h264, and wmv. I am testing with some different clips in assorted styles and most are going well although I also encounter that the picture goes black and only the sound is heard with any clip.

The player is easy, tap the screen you will see a button to play or stop, as well as a sharing button. The HTC Hero is based on the fact that it is connected all the time with sync to Google mail and contacts, Facebook and other applications. Quite a lot of the features found in some ways outside of the phone.

So it is with movie player, there is of course a lot of possibilities to share clips you have in your phone. When you select a clip, you can send it to Gmail or Youtube and for still images, see many more options. You can also send it as a multimedia message, but then you have to clip is not too large.

Hero has by far the worst video camera in the test, the image not svajjar, hanging, brightness is bad and touch you with the camera, it is easy to become car sick while watching the clips. In good light, and if you make sure to keep your phone still when you shoot, you can get reasonable results that go good to share on the Web.

The easiest way to transfer videos from your PC to your phone, I think, is to do it directly to the memory card via a card reader. One advantage is that it has a headphone plug at the top that allows you to plug in your own lures.

If we return to the connection as is the main strength in the Heros rather making material access to and from the network. With a Youtube program, you get direct access to the popular video service without launching a Web browser and type in any addresses, just like in Iphone. The program retrieves the movies streamed from the net with it goes so fast and easy that it feels like the movies is on the phone instead of a server somewhere. Make sure you have a data package to the phone or access to w-lan, you have an infinite library at your fingertips.

Nokia N97

Nokia N97 is a compact BLOB that weighs a part in your hand thanks to the sliding keyboard. These buttons may be good to have when you want to search for, for example, a video on Youtube. But the fact is that it will be even better to pass when you want to ask from you the phone and watch a video.

The angle will be perfect when you unfold the keyboard to set the phone half a meter away from you at the table and watch the video. It is the only phone in the test with a built-in support which means that you don’t have to sit and hold your phone or rig it up against a pillow or similar, clearly a bonus.

The screen is touch-sensitive and reacts well to my touch. May have to take a bit too much sometimes, it is not enough to just touching the screen on Iphone and Omnia. But when you have a video running looks good, both colors, sharpness and brightness is good. But set it up next to the Iphone and Omnia gets it out, the blows, the picture is not as good on the N97, the colors a bit duller and the whole image is like a weak membrane over itself.

The player is based on Real Player and works properly with the clear buttons on the screen to pick the right finger when to start or stop. There are also some settings in the player, for example, you can set the contrast and, of course, the aspect ratio of the screen, if you want it to fill the screen, or retain the original format.

Unfortunately even N97 by limited format support, p.

N97 profiled as a multimedia mobile rather than a business phone, something that one gets the impression when you look at the keyboard. Through Ovistore free, you can download the video but it is limited to the occasional movie trailer.

There is no Youtube program, you use the Youtube icon takes you online to play video clips, not as nicely integrated as in Iphone and Hero.

N97 can also record video and it does it quite well. Not the same quality as the Omnia but clearly approved. You can get a cropped widescreen format, where the top and bottom are cut off from the more square format that is the default.


When you put them next to each other, it becomes clear that Omnias screen is sharp in the test. It has good colors and fine sharpness and a clear image. Several of the other screens, feels a bit misty in comparison. It is also bright and do decently in sunlight even though it clearly should be pretty dark when you look at the video to make it RESTful to the eyes.

Omnias screen is also highest in the test, but the difference from the Iphone is negligible, it distinguishes only 2.3 inches. But Omnias screen is in widescreen format, and when it comes to watching movies it is preferable.

Like the Iphone have Omnia a capacitive screen and is easy to use with your fingers due to its high sensitivity.

No screen in test stands out as bad but the Nokia N97, I feel like a little foggy, not as clear and Nice in colors as the best headset. The difference is not so great between the Omnia HD and Iphone but Samsung phone is still in a class of its own.

Winner: Samsung Omnia HD

Video player

Perhaps the most important thing is the screen for the direct experience of video display, but when it comes to managing the device interface is important to not to be annoyed. Films pillars are gansla similar to each other in all phones with stamp images from the film in order to recognize them in the list of movies.

Aino introduces some new thinking on the part of Sony Ericsson with the touch-sensitive screen that is used to control the media functionality. When the phone is up shot enabled media player with five icons. Everything is clearly uppradat but sometimes not responding screen on command. When it’s working properly, it’s good, but insensitivity is annoying. The rapper is in Omnia HD and Iphone, you never need to press two times to get what you want. IPhone goes far to strip away all unnecessary and when to navigate with your finger, I think it works best. There is also a simple editing function to cut down films at the beginning and end.

The simplest is the Htc Hero, here there are not many features additions but it is not a problem to find the right in the video menu. But the clearest and best works in Iphone.

Winner: Iphone

Format support

Many people ask themselves why one should watch the video in your phone. And one of the strongest reasons that fail is that it is so difficult to get into the movies in your phone. Talking about the support available for different files, but it is still the case that you want in your dvd movies in so you have a lot of work ahead of you.

You should also not pretend that a lot of the movies that are in people’s computers are nedtankade from the net from p > Unfortunately it can be quite difficult to figure out which settings to use, it is not enough to choose for example mp4 format, but you must also choose a codec for video and for audio that your phone is capable of and manufacturers do not always so good at specifying exactly what applies to your particular the phone.

Samsung has excelled lately with several phones that can handle most formats that you put in them, I have tested both Jet and Pixon 12 and it’s been quite carefree. It goes well with mp4 and wmv, p > sell a multimedia phone, I think you, as a customer should be able to expect that it can play a little more than the most common video formats, multiple manufacturers may take and pull themselves!

Winner: Omnia HD

Transfer from PC

With most phones are the easiest way to get over a video to remove the memory card, put it in a reader, plug it into your computer and copy the movie to the right folder. Do you have a fast sdhc card in your phone, it’s also pretty fast to get over the movie as can be on the 1 GB if it is not so tightly compressed.

The only phone in the test that does not allow you to do so is the Iphone, and it may also be the most noisy in terms of video capabilities of Apple cell phone. You must have a computer with Itunes, otherwise you are out of luck. I’d rather be able to choose the way that suits me best. Other phones have solved the memory cards that can pick out without turning off the phone.

In this test, Sony Ericsson has worked most with transmission capabilities. In addition to memory cards the way you can use the Media Go to transfer movies. I have tested it and find it works decently, program to convert videos to the right format but it feels safer to do it yourself. Sony Ericssson is a service that allows you to download movies to your phone through your computer and also on the range leaves a lot to be desired so shows that you work on it all.

Winner: Aino

Video recording

Obtain a video mobile would you also be able to take your own clips with it. Most mobile phones have a camera today and also the possibility of video recording. But they often come with many restrictions.

Many lack photo lamp and becomes unusable as soon as it is a bit dark. Many are simply too bad, when you shoot, the result is a shaky picture that sways and svajjar and simply not good enough to watch.

The only phone in the test that behave as is Htc Hero, its video recording is simply not on. Since it is quite evenly between the remaining, most are able to perform pretty good videos that undoubtedly fits nicely to post on Youtube or send to friends. Nokia N97 is performing a little bit worse than what I expected with its five Megapixels, Aino, who has eight is a little better, but it is clear that the number of pixels is not everything. When it comes to the camera seems most bet on to fix good stills, videofilmningen is more like a fun thing to throw in just for the camera anyway.

But with the Omnia HD is the opposite. It delivers the best video I’ve seen from a mobile phone and is absolutely unbeatable in its class. It is sharp and stylish colors and you can play the clips in full screen on your computer, and it still looks really good. The funny thing with the Omnia is to still images instead will not be as good as you would expect when you seen the Nice video clips.

Winner: Omnia HD


In this test we have focused almost exclusively on video features, but there are certainly a lot to say about the phone. Besides video capabilities would of course have a good phone and it’s all the phones in the test, but with different qualities.

Aino stands for a refresher in Sony Ericsson stable where it felt quite mossy in recent times in terms of the development of the operating system. Much looks new and breakfast out of Aino. But the Aino is also the only phone in the test that is not a smartphone. For other phones, there are programs to download and they are clearly more customizable than Aino.

The iPhone has its strengths as a media mobile for music and be able to surf freely with a real Web browser. Nokia N97 excels with its keyboard but is also a little clumsy on the purchase. Omnia HD is too big as a brick in comparison with, for example, Aino but, of course, is packed with technology and a lot of fun features.

But for my part I feel though the Android operating system as the one that promises the most right now. If you do not have a superfilmmobil but satisfied with a little easier-quality playback and really bad on the set I think Hero with Android phone is the funniest of the bunch right now. It has the technology you need and is growing all the time as there are new programs to download. Most transparency and the greatest width of the Hero.

Winner: Hero

The winner

Samsung Omnia HD

Best in video test is Samsung Omnia HD due to the Iphone 3GS. Omnia has the best picture and the best format support, and already there is the match actually decided. Thus, it is not said that all movie lovers will run and buy an Omnia, vice versa.

It costs a lot and is clumsy to format, something that probably deters many from buying the phone. It is also not the sharpest Smartphone in class and the movie player is far from perfect with a little rough hewn look.

Nevertheless, you can’t ignore what’s important when you check out the video: good picture and so little hassle with formats as possible. As manufacturers try to find on new used areas of for our phones, I believe we will be forced to uproot themselves in terms of format, the support to be able to get people to use your phone as a portable movie player. All but Samsung, for they have already done so.