More Than You Think

With the Sony Ericsson W710 has tried to gather the most requested features and characteristics of a phone while you have ensured that the price will be relatively low. The result is really nice mobile that does not feel significantly cheap. But if you want a cell to impress your friends with maybe you should choose something else.

The buttons on the outside is an example of it. It’s big and hearty and you need never hesitate about what they will be used. The volume knob has clear “+” and “-” characters. The buttons for the music player also have clear indications and small pointed bumps as I first did not understand the pun with. so are alike and Bumps still need to keep track of which button is which if we want to press them once they are in your pocket and you don’t see your phone. But once you’ve learned it, I realize that they make it much easier to find the buttons than if they were to be completely smooth.

Worth mentioning also is the button lock button that sits on one page. And the other is the large and rich. Moreover, a dedicated key for the button lock is a very practical thing that one would wish were standard.

Even the regular keypad is good. Slightly rounded buttons good pressure sensitivity and minimum risk of failure touches.

The locking mechanism for the battery cover is also admirably manageable. How to open battery door may seem like a minor detail, but in this case, it has some significance. It must be done if you want to access the memory card slot. Sony Ericsson has placed it behind a piece of plastic that looks just like a slot specifically for the memory card.

One might almost suspect that they wanted to give the impression on purpose. Only after that in every possible way, trying to get the non-existing door to open itself up, I realize that it is the battery cover that must be removed to access the memory card.

It is the new M2-type, the smallest of the Memory Stick cards. At present there are such cards of up to 2 megabytes. It lasts quite long if you want to use the Z710i as music phone, but then they should be prepared to spend a little extra money too.

It follows, admittedly with a memory card of 64 MB but it together with the internal memory of 10 MB is sufficient to store only to cirka15-20 mp3 songs even if it is only used to store music.

In addition to the program to sync contacts, calendar and email with your computer too follow Sony Ericsson’s Disc2Phone. By using it, you can easily transfer your music from your computer or from the cd, drag and drop the songs you want on your phone. Once you get over the music to the phone, as I have said, control playback using the buttons on the phone’s exterior.

If you fold up your phone in the music player, you can build playlists and affect the sound with the equalizer function. There are four modes you can switch between depending on what you’re listening to, and you can even make your own settings of these modes by adjusting the five frequency ranges. When it comes to sound quality, it is a bit the same as with the storage space, you might want a music phone, one should be prepared to spend a little extra money.

The headset that comes with it works great for normal calls but a couple of actual headphones, of course, enhance the music experience for anyone who has a little higher requirements. Are you fond of music, you can also pass the time with the MusicDJ where you yourself can compose music by combining different drum comp, bass lines and chords to songs.

The phone also includes two other DJ software, namely, PhotoDJ and VideoDJ. Photodj allows you to edit images in different ways, either through the usual changes to adjust the light or remove red-eye or by adding various fun effects and backgrounds in the images. MRF VideoDJ, you can combine various video clips, pictures and text into coherent sequences.

Z710 also comes with an fm radio. You can choose to listen to a headset or just letting it act as an antenna and instead use the phone’s speaker. The radio supports rds, the same type of radio that is available in many of Sony Ericsson’s more expensive models.

It is a rds radio means, among other things, that it has a feature called Alternate Frequencies. It is perhaps not so useful if you walk around in an urban environment, but if you sit on a bus and listening to the radio and travel in an area where different transmitters are about as strong phone will always choose the strongest transmitter of the channel you are listening to and ensure that there will be no interruptions. Handy is that the stations ‘ names will appear on the screen.

Game is nothing like Sony Ericsson focused specifically on when it comes to Z710 despite that one can expect that it will largely be a youth phone. Pre-installed, there is only a single game, Alpha Wing 2. There you have a pilot of a spaceship to shoot down enemy ships using the method push on anything that moves. Along the way, you should also try to pick up various scoring objects. I manage to not very good in my space war, which tends to make me want to keep playing until I feel I have mastered it pretty. But after a few times I just get tired of shooting, the game offers absolutely nothing that I haven’t seen before.

At the top of a tvåmegapixel camera and a mirror for self-portraits. A camera that takes pictures with 2 megapixels is unusual in this price range and helps you feel you get a lot for your money. Of course, it can also shoot video with the camera. As in so many other cases where photo lamp is missing, one can feel quite satisfied with the pictures-as long as the light is good. A dark location is true, but it can of course only partially compensate for bad light.

The overall impression of the Z710 is that you get a lot for your money. Unfortunately, I suspect that its design could be the in the dish and that it is not really going to get the attention it deserves.

Before you buy

You should decide if you want 3 g. Besides the fact that is a versatile Z710 phone for different needs.


If you want 3 g is K610 and the foldable Sony Ericsson Z610 from those closest to you. Even Nokia 6288 can be interesting.





Lacks 3 g

No photo lamp


Telephony & data 7

Multimedia 7

Systems & software 7

The ease of use 9

Performance & memory 8

Overall rating: 76

Facts Z710

Type: Quadband gsm with edge



Talk time: 10 hours

Standby time: 350 hours

WAP 2.0

Internet and data capabilities: Gprs, edge, email, bluetooth, ir, SyncML

Connection to pc/mac: Yes, connection to pc and mac via bluetooth or cable

Voice control: Yes voice dialing

Ringtones: polyphonic and mp3

Phonebook: 1000 entries with multiple names, numbers, email address, Web address and image

Screen: Outer: Tft display with 176 x 220 pixels, 262 000 colors; Internal: 128 x 128 pixels, white and blue, 4 shades

Games: supplied with Alpha Wing 2, more games can be downloaded

Camera 2 megapixel, video at a resolution of 176 x 144 pixels

Miscellaneous: FM radio with rds, media player, alarm, calendar, world time

Accessories: stereo handsfree, data cable and charger included

Socket for external antenna:

SAR value:

Manufacturer’s website: Sony Ericsson Z710