Moto X + 1 Shows His Rear in Its First Real Image. Update: Hunted in Mexico

As we counted our colleagues from Engadget Mexico, the Moto x + 1 in question appears through a Facebook user who tried to sell it on a page of sale and exchange of telephones in Mexico.

Motorola will be one of the main protagonists week coming in Berlin, not in vain – now under the ownership of Lenovo – Americans, it has not be heard at all this year 2014.

Its new flagship, that everyone already assumed as the Moto x + 1 and that you will be known in the German fair, served for the sad farewell of the great Evan Blass and your account evleaks, who showed us in his last appearance the filtered renderings of the future terminal Motorola star.

Today we can confirm that the filtration was good, and is that he has appeared on the network the first real picture of the Moto x + 1, which confirms the back with the strange LED flash built-in ring surrounding the main camera.

@tktechnews here ‘ s a real life photo of the x + 1. It got taken down by Motorola I think our site/4l5761dkYm

— Kevin Verdesca (@kdog350) August 30, 2014

Little more can add, except that its design shows a device somewhat wider than the Moto X first generation, what almost also confirms its larger screen.

Moto X showed last year that don’t need much brute force to succeed among the high range, and is that its great relation price/quality, good design and construction, and its progress with the Active Display and continuous listening you in one of the most interesting options.

Perhaps that is the reason why the Moto x + 1 is one of the most anticipated devices of the year, Although the wait is close to reaching its end. Do not you desconectéis you much next week, u miss it.