Motorcycle-Navi: Test by Rugged Pilots

Video: Garmin Zumo 660LM

The 660LM Garmin Zumo is a motorcycle-Navi classic. See what makes the device and how it is to use, in the video. Test: motorcycle GPS Garmin Zumo 660LM motorcycle-Navi: the journey is the reward


A navigation system is very convenient for motorists, for motorcycle riders, it is a se¬Gen. Because bikers drive usually does not have the shortest, but about the best route to the destination. It is usually longer, but curvy and requires regular views of the map. Logically, that it is significantly more relaxed drives a Navi button on the handlebar. However, only a few manufacturers of motorcycle navigation systems offer. You will also learn if it does not also a Smartphone or Autonavi on the motorcycle.

More expensive than car navigation systems


Good car navigation systems is available from 150 euros. A good motorcycle Navi costs more than doubled, but there are reasons: installing it-calls for stable metal brackets, and without waterproof biker Navis would drown when the first rain on the slopes. Also, spezi¬elle want motorcyclists instead of simple navigation functions to route planning with intermediate stages. Record wol¬len tours and weiter¬geben.

Motorcycle navigation test

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Navigation apps in the test: Google maps, maps of Apple, Nokia maps, NAVIGON



Motorcycle-Navis same an IKEA Bau¬Satz at the aus¬Packen of the boxes: strange lumps, many screws. The Stummel¬Lenker of sports bikes generally require special solutions. After all, all tested motorcycle Navis with metal clamps were equipped for the handlebars. However, the SD-clamp fit only with difficulty on a triumph Tiger, at the end next to the faucet, where is the rear-view mirror in the way. Better: Garmin and TomTom nut¬zen for fixing the proven RAM-mount system. With its Ku¬gel displacement technology allows very flexible Assembly ei¬ne and sits then bombproof. You will get Adapterplat¬ten, extensions and other Zu¬behör the enclosed bracket not enough out, from the motorcycle dealer. Extra robust holder there are about our site. For the power supply you need to clamp the cable to the Bord¬Netz. Use a life plus-Terminal, remains the Navi in the fuel stop ange¬schaltet.

So comes the beautiful, as winding route the Navi

Navigation systems planenAlle directly with the GPS have a Routenplanungs¬modus. Here you simply enter your goals and zwischen¬Ziele nach¬einander. Can be addresses, son¬derziele (about petrol stations) or Ko¬ordinaten. Who rides through deserted landscapes, antip¬pen and it can also a point on the road ver¬wenden (intermediate) target. For longer trips, die¬se is but very tedious procedure. The TomTom Rider therefore offers a shortcut and suggests in the mode ver¬mehrt winding route back roads on the way to a destination. How strongly the RI¬der preferred roads, can be set via slider. Route to the PC planenLängere Ta¬gesetappen with many Zwischenzie¬Len allow better planning on the PC. Especially for the navigation systems by Garmin and TomTom, there are numerous Pro¬gramme on their maps route plan easily with the mouse start and destination point, as well as intermediate mark. Who then connects his Navi via USB to the PC, can transfer the route in a few seconds on the navigation system. But be careful: because the navigation system of the imported (intermediate) goals, even tinkering a new route, the navigation route may be different from the course to the PC. Therefore, you should set also a point when planning on the PC at any point, you want to start. Only with Garmin Zumo 660, can this problem who captured only a so-called track (so the crumb trail of imported way) bypass, thus bypasses the routing of the Navis. Good: the driver missed a point, then the Garmin Navis calculate the route up to the next via point. At TomTom, it must confirm that he no longer wants to not simply control a skipped waypoint while driving. Route import from the InternetWer will not even plan can download interesting routes of Internet portals, transfer the Navi and ride. On portals such as our site, you will find thousands of possible routes from the short exit up to multi-day tours. GPS data of the routes can be downloaded for Garmin and TomTom navigation systems. On the page our site, plan the routes on a map and transmit the GPS data to the navigation system.

Check and transfer: Garmin BasecampImportiert there are routes directly on the Garmin navigation system, due to less accurate track data often problems: then the Navi trying for example to reach route points that lie far away from the road. With the Basecamp software (free) check and correct imported routes and transfer them to the navigation system.


: Download Basecamp

Check and transfer: TomTomDas is equivalent to the import, schedule and correct of routes for TomTom navigation systems tyre. The free software comes not from TomTom itself and can be used also for Garmin Navis so there is no more dispute tours if you follow the Garmin or TomTom route.


: Download tyre

Dubbing: NavgearNavGear does not reveal how can record routes to the device. It works, you set the folder userdata on and inside the folder route the Navi in the folder mobilenavigator/content. There you transfer routes from the computer in the format of KML42 (iGo8). Only work after you can not on the PC.

Water, Sun, vibration


All Navis were rain suitable for only the TomTom Rider Sanchez in the Sub-diving test off after drying it ran again. Of course the biker is pleased when the Sun is shining, stupid only, if it detects anything on the display. Because in contrast to car navigation systems motorcycle pilots are exposed to excessive sunlight. The display must be very bright or a shade mit¬bringen. Brightest shone the Garmin Zumo 350LM enough times to key search. The TomTom display is almost as bright, the Zumo 660LM, however, something fell off, and the Navgear TourMate turned out to be really Dim Funzel. In addition, motorcycle-Navis must put away many vibrations. Vibration test stand al¬le Navis with six-time acceleration due to gravity in the test, only the SD unit wobbled slightly stronger.

TMC, additional functions and accessories

StauwarnerBei not include the test candidates jam Warner included. Retrofit solutions exist only for the Garmin Zumo 660 (Garmin GTM 21 FM TMC receiver) and for the Zumo 350 (Garmin GTM 35 FM TMC receiver Pro).

MP3 PlayerFür many bikers engine provides the perfect soundtrack to the tour. Editor George blade that isn’t enough: I already value on a music player. And only the Zumo 660 has the.

Phone Zumo 660 connects to the Smartphone as a sole candidate via Bluetooth. So, the driver of the Navi can accept phone calls and dial numbers when he has a headset into the helmet.

You can use the navigation system in the car AutohalterungMit of a car holder, and this makes also the spouse more plausible the high purchase price. Honey, we need to buy any extra Autonavi. Original BeigabenNavgear helps with a dress size converter in the Navi, if traveling time shoes or Bras must be bought with such problems bikers have Yes to fight… However, the phrasebook in the Garmin Zumo 350 only for British bikers is interesting. He translated six languages, but only in English.

Accessories: TascheSchont the Navi, if s is not needed. Is s suitable for all navigation systems (from 20 euros).

Accessories: Helmet HeadsetAlle Motorradnavis radio driving instructions via Bluetooth to helmet headsets like the Midland BT X 1 (130 euros). That’s good for a chat with passengers.

Accessories: Anti-KlauFür short stops for refueling offers TomTom for his rider a lockable holder (80 euros). Even better: An additional RAM-mount lock (20 euro extra) protects also the holder.

How do I tell it the driver?


The driver sees clearly direction indications on the display. But just motorcycle riders want to see also the distance to the next via point or to the next point of the bend. This information show all navigation systems on request. Complex input about a new target are difficult and on top of that dangerous while driving. Who wants to read but just kilometres day, must call this or other information with your left hand, the right must stay on the throttle. This works with all devices, only with the SD it was difficult. A helmeted motorcyclist would get with little speaker announcements. Who does not want to give up spoken instructions, a set of headphones in the helmet that connects via cable or Bluetooth to the Navi is therefore necessary.

Biking with car GPS and Smartphone?

Car Navi in the tank bag or Smartphone? 200 to 600 euros for a motorcycle sat nav? If you only occasionally need a Navi, is with a car Navi in the tank bag or with the Smartphone cheaper at the destination. The problems into the detail.

From A to B, the car Navi reaches normal rides route planning with the car NaviFür. Who wants to go to but great tours of friends or even plan, needs a Navi with route planner mode is there from the Navi middle-class. So the import of routes, such as the motorcycle GPS works. But just a few car-Navis can also record route.

Handling of the car NaviDurch the weather protection cover (about Pearl, 26 euro) is the handling difficult. Also, the menus are usually too fragmented. Also: navigation inside the tank bag, the driver must look always down. He has a motorcycle Navi on the handlebar as well in sight as the speedometer.

Power supply of the car NaviDer battery lasts only a few hours, longer tours require a power supply. The bike has no on-board socket, tinkering with a waterproof charging cable (from €30) is necessary.

Equipment of the car NaviAuf prompts need to forgo car Navi users: In the Rausch(en) of the speed that blown away unheard. Crafting Smartphone in protection HülleMeist is announced. Because without protective cover (about armor-X), the mobile phone is quickly broken.

With SchutzhülleAuto-Navi-apps, although bikers from A to B direct route planning. But transfer a route with many milestones directly from the Internet to the Navi app on the phone? Can’t do that. Handling of the SmartphonesViele modern smartphones respond only to pressure by finger, not per glove. The driver must only start the navigation, plug the phone in his pocket, put the gloves on until we go.

The battery in the Navi mode does not by power supply of the SmartphonesLänger as two to three hours a charge cable is necessary.

Facilities of the SmartphonesRechnen with additional costs from around 120 euros for covers, mounting bracket and cables. Who’s driving in a foreign country, must have the card in the phone, otherwise threaten high roaming costs by charging the cards.

Conclusion: motorcycle-Navi-test


The technically somewhat elderly Garmin Zumo 660LM retracts the test victory thanks to its lush furnishings. But even the cheaper and faster working Zumo 350LM and the TomTom Rider make long trips a pleasure. The navigation works but for the favourable Navgear TourMate SLX-350, that the customer has to do without mounting and handling.