Nokia’s new super mobile N95 is here. What impresses us is that Nokia has managed to bring together so many great features into a successful whole. By Linus Brohult

When the Nokia N95 was launched in New York last fall, it was overall impressed journalists, there was also a reporter at the Mobile site. But to show off great features at a press conference, is one thing, to get together all the technology so that the phone is good enough in practice and keeps what it promises is something else entirely. I remember, for example, Siemens SXG75 super phone. It was launched two years ago and would have built-in GPS, 3 g, camera, good radio and a lot of other things that sounded good. When the phone got was the lacking GUI and did not work at all so it would.

Nokia has managed to avoid that. N95 meets the highest expectations. It is packed with features, but at the same time, it works really well and is quite easy to use. It is what impresses. To get as much work well together is no child’s play.

One of the big news is that the N95 has built-in GPS, with antenna, maps and all. The maps in its entirety is online and can be downloaded via the mobile network, a similar solution as Swedish Wayfinder for GPS in mobile phone some years back.

But Wayfinder has developed a system where there is extremely little data traffic for map download. With the Nokia N95, it is wiser to load the maps on the memory card, I realized after a while. On are all maps of world countries in downloadable format.

When to go abroad simply loads in advance down the maps for the country you’re going to, to your phone’s memory card. Then there is no need to pay expensive fees for downloading data abroad. My reporter who made this issue’s feature article on Linux saved numerous taxi money when he did interviews in Oslo, as he easily could find in town with the help of the N95 he had brought with him.

A strength with the N95 is that everything is built from the start, and it will also be good from the start. Firstly, it took only a half a minute, the first time the phone would find the GPS satellites, which felt good. The maps show good the position you are in, and if you want, you can use 3D mode for the map display. It is possible to find the nearest restaurants, gas stations, car rentals, attractions, etc. The feature is good, but it’s pretty blunt. For example, searches for Restaurants to get alt from McDonald’s to luxury restaurants. We’d like to be able to choose a little more freely.

Whether they sought out an address by this tool or enter an address manually, you can also trigger a navigation, which means that while driving will be guided both on the screen and a voice that reads out instructions on how to turn. Unlike other GPS features include navigation, however, a feature that costs money. I paid 70 dollars via mobile Bill to get a one-month navigation. Probably, this is one way that Nokia has to finance that maps all over the world are free to download to the phone.

Anyway the navigation worked decently. I drove around in both Stockholm and road between the valleys and the capital, and the tour worked okay. Sometimes it seemed the software does not understand on what was a turn and what was a cross. On a couple of occasions thought GPS application that the car was not on the road. The precision of the GPS antenna is not in the class with the best GPS- navigators. Not control either. But it might not be expected when it is built into a phone.

The GPS antenna is not like on the best GPS systems a Sirf III, but a Texas Instruments-GPS. Battery test shows that in each case does not seem to consume too much of battery power, which was something we feared (see battery box).

When it comes to car navigation, we will in the next issue of Mobile to compare Nokia N95 with several other mobile GPS solutions.

The camera is another big news with Nokia N95. 5 megapixels with autofocus sounds impressive in the mobile context. But after all the testing of mobile cameras, we know that Megapixels are far from everything.

But here also have Nokia actually managed to; the camera is better than other mobile cameras we’ve tested. Colours and light are good and in terms of the contrast is N95 better than camera mobiles previous King Sony Ericsson K800.

Indoor photos can be a little difficult to get perfect. The shutter speed is often quite long, which easily leads to blur if the subject moves. N95 has an extremely strong photo light instead of a real Flash. In practice, the problem with this lamp most images often becomes too bright. Will be fairly close to it to take a picture of the light areas become completely “pitted”. Then you should turn off the light to take the picture. With a little distance to the subject, however, the lamp.

Nokia N95 is still the mobile phone has the best camera on the market today. This is mainly due to very good color reproduction, good white balance and good contrast.

Compared to ordinary digital cameras reaches, however, not quite all the way. A typical weakness with mobile cameras, even with the N95, is that it takes a couple of tenths from the tryckerner the shutter button completely to the image itself. It can be frustrating-we miss easy exactly where facial expression you wanted to capture.

Many images are still really good, and there is also a simpler image editing software built in. Even video can be taken, and also manages the N95 better than competitors. As video mobile N95 is really good.

If you set the video camera in the best position to film the N95 in vga resolution (640 x 480 pixels) and with 30 fps (frames per second = frames per second). Most camera phones filming at 15 fps, and the difference is clearly noticeable.

The films can be in principle, how long they are, even if there is a maximum of 60 minutes. When the films are stored (mpeg4 format) on your memory card, they take a lot of space. A standard 15-second recording in the highest quality takes up a whole MB and can not be fixed without having to be sent in a multimedia message.

One of the good things about the N95 is, however, that the editing of the video is very good. Immediately after the film was recorded yesterday, for example, it is good to prune it. More editing capabilities do I get when I open the video editor. Another fun feature is the ability to create “muvee” to send a video message in a little more enjoyable form. It is possible to add on a variety of different filters, romantic and evocative or more MTV-inspired filters. The video, background music and edited together according to a template that gives a certain style. Fun and easy to use.

When it comes to Web surfing are Nokia Minimap browser built into the N95. It still feels alongside Opera as one of the best mobile browser on the market. Both regular websites and mobile sites appear good, and the screen can be switched to landscape mode if you want to have a broad picture by browsing. One good thing is that it’s easy to get a list of sites you recently visited just by clicking anywhere that is not a Web link.

But otherwise works Minimap browser as in other phones in Nokia’s series “Nseries”. It shows the pages very well, both regular Web pages and molbilanpassade as or

With the operator 3, turbo 3 g (hsdpa) and the difference in browsing speed is evident then, and when retrieving mail. While Telia and Tele2 run testing with turbo 3 g, N95 owners can take advantage of speeds up browsing gives ten times as much. Hsdpa compared to conventional 3 g.

The N95 has an improved version of the Nokia Visual Radio. The standard way to set up radio stations in his cell is to allow your phone to search for them. The N95 has a surprising way to ensure that all channels are getting the right name: Information about all countries ‘ local and national radio stations are located in a database online at Nokia and can be downloaded to your phone the first time you run the radio function.

It works great, even if an RDS radio has advantages compared to this. Good headset with MIC included in the carton. It is possible to connect regular headphones to headset-cord, but it is also possible to stop regular headphones directly into the phone when they want to listen to the radio or mp3 music. Headset connector is a standard 3.5-millimeterskontakt.

The music player is open to most easily by pushing the phone aside. This is not very new. The songs are sorted as before in Nokia’s music-playing phones over the artists, song name, album, artists, and playlists. It is easy to use and transparent. One advantage is that the player now also displays the album art.

Nokia Music Manager called the program that comes with to transfer songs. I myself have so far brought over the music from your PC wirelessly via bluetooth, but the usb cord is also included in the carton.

Nokia is marketing its N95 as a “multimedia computer”. It signals that we should be able to use computer functions, to which we are accustomed. As email, for example. This is Nokia not developed its systems just as much as on other points. A weakness compared to some competitors is that you get a little bad view of your Inbox. You can see the titles of only four emails at a time. It would have been much better with a tighter list. This feels appropriate to Nokia phones with far less screen.

There is a Wizard (Wizard) to help one to make settings for the email the first time you should use email. But Nokia has chosen to initially set up a minimal amount of information-email address and server for outbound and inbound mail. It is a little annoying, because then you have to go in manually in the settings to set such that even his own name (which you want to appear as the sender), etc.

The idea of making the wizard settings so short is that people get tired if they must make many settings, but it would have been better to choose if they wanted to make more settings in the wizard.

The essence of the e-mails is that Quickoffice is on the phone so that you can open documents. I have so far only opened Word and Excel document, but they have shown good (though many formatting disappears). A little low given the price range is the full version of Quickoffice is not lying; with it, one can also edit Office documents in his mobile phone. Full version you can download to your phone, but for the use of the nlängre than a trial period you have to pay extra.

Message menu look otherwise like we are used to with Nokia. Even with the text bothers you a little bit on that one, bad view of your Inbox when you only see the titles of four messages at a time. Sin with such a large screen. But otherwise works message menu very well. Between the different folders if you go via “tabs”.

For connection has the N95 the turbo 3 g. But yes also ganvände w-lan at home or a public w-lan at seven eleven (19 dollars an hour). The advantage of w-lan’s kansek in front of all Web browsing when you are abroad and want to avoid high costs for mobile data abroad, but also for those who want to surf fast at home on the couch without a computer.

When it comes to speaking of Nokia N95 as a “computer” is of course a bit of a publicity stunt. But the features of this phone are very numerous; browser and email works so well that it is often possible to manage their computing tasks from your mobile phone. In particular, the execution of multiple features and applications at the same time smart posted. In the menus, you’ll see a small ring on the functions that you have running in the background.

Weaknesses then? The battery dies quickly when you use frequently. For me I had to charge the phone every day or every other day, but then I used the funktioenrna of course extensively during the test period. However, what not so terribly much power is the phone’s built-in GPS.

Even though Nokia have succeeded well with most features of the N95, I must also take up some bugs which seem to hit a part of the first copies that started to be sold. Many users, especially in newspaper Mobile Web page, have complained that shooting function glappat on the first copies in stores. This we have not noticed in the test specimens. However, we have suffered some other bugs. Sometimes the phone is restarted for that we surfed to a Web page, or used too many memory intensive applications at once.

Another detail is that the built-in camera has a kind of primitive gyro which turns the images we photographed in the right direction. Sometimes it seems that do completely wrong and turn images upside down. Fortunately, it’s good that both rotate and edit images in your phone, so it is all to fix. Another problem we have had is to have w-lan to work if we try to log on to the network has wep encryption.

These bugs are not of so much character that they drag down the overall impression very much. It is also possible to update the software in your phone from the Nokia website. You should be able to expect that most bugs are fixed to shortly by self download updated software for their mobile. But those who bought the N95 first has a taste for some quirks.

In any event, the N95 a really good phone. Nokia should have the credit for the use of standard connectors for headphones (3.5-millineters) and computer connection (mini-usb). High-speed internet, large screen, really good mobile camera, built-in gps, radio, good browsers … You can make the list goes on and on. But there is still that everything works well together that make us want to give the N95 a high score.

Linus Brohult

Camera expert on the N95

Anders Wånell, test manager for the magazine camera & photo

How would you judge the contrast in the pictures?

-It’s good, far better than for example the K800. The contrast is an issue if the lens. Some lenses have more difficult for back light than others, for example. It reflected very much in some images.

How is color reproduction?

-Color reproduction is good stuns. The phone is successful with it is a combination between the sensor and software. It is mainly a finishing-question, that is to say, the software in the phone plays a major role.

Why do some pictures with photo light pitted parties?

-It is for the manufacturer to have a too small mariginal vis-à-vis the problem, because the alternative is that there is a danger that it will be very noisy in the dark areas. It will be utfrätt or noisy, are the two factors we have to play with.

What do you see as a weakness compared to a normal digital camera?

-There is a delay of a couple of tenths from the use of the shutter to the picture is taken. It can be extremely annoying because you miss just moments you want to capture. Those misses are not available in standard digital cameras and should not be in this price range on camera phones, either.

Images are better for that Nokia uses 5-megapixel resolution?

-It doesn’t look like it’s wasted that Nokia tossed in better resolution. This is noticeable when you enlarge the images. Compared to other mobile cameras have to benefit from the extended amount of pixels, even if the image quality is not in the class with the most common digital camera with 5 megapixels.

Questions and answers

Will do the phone’s built-in GPS to driving?

Yes, for those who only use it occasionally. Do you want daily using GPS, you may do well to buy a better GPS software (such as Wayfinder) or getting a separate GPS device.

The screen is great, when you can have it in landscape mode?

In all of the phone’s software can actually switch so that the image is displayed horizontally. To do that, press the music keys. Especially good is it for Web browsing, tv or videotittning ( for example) and in GPS mode.

How difficult is it to make the settings?

Settings for all major operators is on the phone from home. All that is required is that you put in the sim card. For example, streaming, Setup also used for tv and radio via the 3 g network, is done automatically by the phone.


There are some advanced Microsoft phones with built-in GPS, such as HTC 4350. Do you want a smaller and cheaper GPS mobile, you can wait for the Nokia 6110 Navigator that comes out this summer.



Internet programs

Built-in GPS

Turbo 3 g and wlan

Radio and music player



Battery life

Additional charge if you want to navigate with GPS

Facts Nokia N95


Smartphone quadband gsm, turbo 3 g and w-lan

Weight: 120 grams

Dimensions: 99x53x21 mm

Operating system: SymbianOS 9.2 with Nokia Series 60 3.1

Memory: 160 Mb internal, 1 Gb of included memory card (micro-SD)

Applications: Calendar, address book, GPS software with mapping, Web browser, music player, image printing, editing software for video and stills, Quickoffice, Flash, RealPlayer, Lifeblog, Internet telephony, Yahoo Go, Mobipocket, Podcasting, currency and unit converter, and more

Talk time: 2 h 40 min

Standby time: 200 hours

Internet and data features: browser, email, infrared, bluetooth, gprs, Edge, W-lan

Data rate, max: 3.6 Mbit/sec

WAP: Yes, version 2.0

Connection to pc/mac:

Connection to pc or mac with Nokia PC Suite and the supplied usb cable or wirelessly via bluetooth

Screen: 2.6-inch TFT, 240 x 320 pixels, 16 million. colors

Games: Snake + downloadable

Ringtones: Polyphonic and mp3

Phone book: phone numbers, e-mail addresses, multiple www addresses, postal addresses, birthdays and notes can be stored. Stored in the phone memory.

Camera: Built-in with up to 5 megapixels (with autofocus) and for video with 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames/sec (mp4/3gp)

Other features: audio player, FM radio, document viewing (Quickoffice), PDF, video editing, image editing, Realplayer, calculator, unit converter, note-taking software, sound recorder, to-do list, T9, voice control, voice memo

Accessories: Wireless hands-free, headset, car kit, car charger, various Chargers, memory cards, tv-contact, picture frames, surveillance camera

Socket for external antenna: no

Price: 6500 SEK

12 speed

X Camera

X mail application

X Html

X Fm radio

X Music Player

X Memory Card Slot

X Smartphone

X 3 g

X Edge

X Turbo-3 g

X W-lan

X Bluetooth

Rating: 92%

Telephony & communications 10

Multimedia 9

Systems & software 9

User experience 9

Materials & grade 8

Top score

Hard facts performance

(thumbs up)

3432 SPMark-test: score total, images (PNG) 83 p, 3D-games 31.8 FPS, jwc 3274 p

Comment: the N95 can do extremely well in all benchmark application categories, even those we don’t include here. There is much power in this phone.

Hard facts battery

Manufacturer: 2 h 40 min

We got: 2 hours 48 minutes for calls over 3 g

GPS battery: We got 2 HR 33 min GPS navigation in the car

Comment: (thumb down) If the call is connected via the gsm battery life can be extended. Because the phone is packed with features that you can happily use need it in practice is loaded every or every other day. GPS batteritiden felt, however, exceeded expectations.

(thumb down)

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Posts from readers on and


In daylight is N95. The test will, as usual, in the dark. I’m pretty happy though. Although some party pictures I took this weekend is on the border, so they get a reluctant ok. You could take group pictures, even if the people in the pictures were a little “one-dimensional”.

To call the N95 ‘s ‘ thing ‘ for Flash or photo lamp is well a definition thing. The flashing to a Flash and light fills the room briefly, but it reaches only about three metres with satisfactory result. I also filmed at a discotheque and was weakly positively surprised.

I can imagine that right now is the best of the mobiles. Digital cameras, however, are a different story.


Great pictures!

I am pleasantly surprised, though K800i is not so far behind-although it has been on the market for quite a while now. Do not regret my purchase of N95 in all cases! And to those who still hesitate on a N95, I can only say-you can afford and can live with to charge it every night-hit!


5 Mpx, but then what?

No Flash or autofocus only down to 10 cm. Not so impressive, but it works well if you’re shooting “correct” objects.

How fast is it, then, how long will it take from turning on the camera until you take a picture? How long will it take to save a picture from there taking it and can take next?

You may think I sound whiny, but if I’m going to buy a mobile 6000 so it must be the tip top on all points and not mediocre.


Great support pages

The N95 is the best mobile device seen on the planet. If you want to have support on the N95 are good pages on our site (N-series). You can also take advantage of the N95 ‘s user-pages to find all the good news and tips on N95: our site

Warning for poor build quality!


I just wanted to take the opportunity to warn everyone that buys a N95. The phone has had major problems with the slider functionality that is loose and glappt already upon delivery. My advice is to test the phone in the store when you buy it so you have a chance to fix this and get a different phone. The Internet is completely full with reports from people who have had this problem, I myself am one of them, a phone for the 6500-€ 700 should not be sagging and loose, it’s that simple!


Battery life

But running to mkt with the navigator to teaches you get buy a charger to the cigarette lighter socket in your car-. Would bring over 200 songs to cell phone today, it took the type 45 min and when I started, I had 4 studs in the battery, when it was clear I had 1 plupp left hehe. Battery e pretty sad on some stuff. During mp3 operation, normal text writing and chatting so it seems to be okay. You can buy an extra battery if needed. Cost not so many hundred what I could see. “I don’t even want to think about how the battery would be consumed during tv viewing with 3 ‘s X-series services. Probably just as well that we did not purchase the phone with X-series installed. Had been both expensive and battery-killing.


The maps are of course free

Called simply the Nokia and talked to a PlayStation Portable. The maps are already installed in your phone and is free. You can scout around among different countries and check out streets etc. The Nokia charge extra for are not maps without the navigation service. That is, the ability to have voice guidance to destinations. This is a one-time cost for a month/a year/etc. It’s free, when mao navigating paid non-recurring cost of navigation service. What, then, can cost?? Well the fact that if you e.g. want to go from Stockholm to Gothenburg so it may well be so that a new route popped up or a new restaurant (since the maps were made), and when this occurs the map is updated with the new information. This needs to be downloaded and costs money, but not very at all. If you want to be absolutely sure to navigate for free, you can turn off the “use network” in the navigation menu. Then, according to Nokia to be completely free to navigate (in addition to the one-time cost, or, if you like the annual cost) to isf Miss are all new ways o spots that have appeared since the embedded map las into your phone but it can get in?? This is how I’ve got it explained to me by a 10 min call with the Nokia support anyway … Sounds really good, I think