Name Him PondríAis to Android N If Google Finally Allowed to Vote? Engadget Android Questions

This week we have echoed on how Sundar Pichai has dropped the name of the next version of Android We could be able to choose it for users through a vote. Come on, that which the next Android call Nutella, Nutella or custard would depend on us. So we wanted to use our weekly question so tell us how llamaríais to the next version of Android. That Yes, has to start with N.

What name you pondríais you to Android N if Google finally allowed to vote?

Last week we wanted to know which manufacturer thought that I was doing better When you upgrade your devices, and among the answers which you with your votes chose as the most prominent was unplugged, he said:

Well today, not counting Nexus think with only 6.0 the G4 and the A9 HTC and HTC came out with that version on sale, so the only one that really has updated something is LG.
There are many promises update soon of many others, but I believe it when they begin to reach other people, not when the brand says it.

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