New Fast Charging Copes with 0-70% in 20 Minutes

Manufacturer of processors, MediaTek, launches Pump Express 3.0-a new solution for fast charging. Now take 0-70% just 20 minutes.

There is eventually a part’s proprietary technologies, which makes charging of smartphones to a prompt task: Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, Oppos VOOC and Samsung’s Fixed Charge just to name a few.

Mediatek, which is best known for its processors in mainly smartphones, also has its own technology called Pump Express. This technology is just released in version 3.0 and brings a ladehastighed with it, who gets the existing solutions to look as if the charger at a snail’s pace.

The new technology in Pump Express 3.0 makes it possible to let a smartphone with a yet unknown capacity from 0-70% in only 20 minutes. It’s lengths faster than what else is possible right now. For comparison, it takes only one hour to S7 Samsung Galaxy reach approximately 78%, so this is something of a success.

It is, however, still OPPOs Super VOOC Flash Charge technology, which hold the record as the fastest technology with 0-100% in only 15 minutes, but neither this or MediaTeks new technology is yet to be found in a smartphone.


The temperature during charging is reduced significantly

Nevertheless, Pump Express 3.0 interesting, as it saves on several new initiatives that are not seen in other solutions. First of all, the technology works with USB Type C-port opposite several other Quick Charge-solutionsthat break more of specifications of USB standard.

The special thing about Pump Express 3.0 is also that charging is done directly from the cable and into battery opposite the other solutions where the flow is transferred from the cable through a circuit and then into battery, which according to MediaTek is what emits large amounts of heat during charging.

Therefore should also be reduced significantly with temperature MediaTeks new technology while at the same time there are 20 different security measures implemented with multi-way communication between cable and charger. The amount of voltage is adjusted, therefore, during charging, just as there are kept an eye on the temperature and protected against possible damage.

There is yet no information about which smartphones that will get the new, lightning-fast ladeteknologi, but it undoubtedly calls that they initially equipped with a MediaTek-processor. These are not used in near as much at home as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, but it is certainly not unlikely that smartphones come with the technology here in Denmark. It will happen sooner than in 3. quarter of this year.