New Pictures of Moto Z and Modules to the back Pops up

New images showing the coming Moto Z from Lenovo forward along with three associated MotoMods-modules to mount on the back, inter alia. A camera grip.

Lenovo goes new ways with Motorola’s Moto X-series.Series switches not only name to Moto Z, but also get a completely different design as revealed on the previous pictures.

Among the major changes are that it will be possible to connect modules on the back of the coming Moto Z via 16 plug pins on the back, but it has been a bit of a mystery how the ambitious project will actually take themselves out in practice.

It provides the always well informed Twitter tipster, evleaks, responded to in two new leaked press photos of the new Moto Z (as DROID-version to the phone company Verizon) and three corresponding modules -the so-called MotoMods. Responses to the very different design on the sequel to last year’s Moto X has been somewhat mixed, inter alia. because the back with soft curves are done completely flat.

Now shows there to be a cause of the very flat and thin side. It is intended that you as a consumer can easily mount and unmount these modules on the back, which most of all resemble back covers-apart from being mounted on the back, rather than around the frame.


The rumors will know the modules so far counts a stereo speaker, a battery pack, a camera grip with Flash and optical zoom, a pico-projector and a hardwearing cover with a wide-angle lens, which appears to match the picture, which now have sprung up by three of the modules.

Here you can see camera grip with the optical zoom lens and xenon flash, while it is somewhat harder to decipher what the other two modules offers. The second module could immediately well look to save on a bipod, so the phone can “sit” on a table and, for example, Act a little movie.

With these MotoMods modules have Lenovo so a somewhat different approach to the concept of a modular smartphone than LG has. While Lenovo modules fill the entire back and made incredibly thin, must the bottom of LG G5 hives out to be mounted on another module, which either increases the size of the phone in height or goes beyond some of the back.

With the various leaked photos draw that it so gradually quite a clear picture of what a smart phone Moto Z will be. The last missing is simply price. The we will be wiser on when it is in all likelihood will be launched Thursday the 9. June.