New Sales Record with iPhone 7 Lurking Beneath the Surface

Despite declining sales figures may yet give Apple iPhone 7 new sales record. A record high percentage of iPhone owners stands for ready to upgrade their iPhone.

‘iPhone’ and ‘sales record 7’ fits in is not immediately on top of the latest months of stories about Apple’s declining sales and earnings, but there is actually yet another potential sale record record for Apple.

Analysts from BMO Capital according to the Business Insider has announced to its investors, that may well wait a huge sales boom of iPhone 7. This is because Apple right now possesses the largest readership of iPhone owners who are ready to upgrade to the new iPhone 7-despite repeated reports that the next iPhone will not get the really big news.

The analyst has therefore created a graph that illustrates the proportion of iPhone owners who potentially is ready to upgrade to a new iPhone. It is calculated by recording how many who own a minimum of two year old iPhone. Over the years, on average, 17% of Apple’s existing users been potential buyers at the launch of a new iPhone.
By iPhone 7 predicts the analyst, that the proportion of the upgrade readiness of iPhone owners are all 25% similar to that to be purchased the entire 120 million. new iPhones. There must be added all the new buyers who come to during the 2016 as well as owners of iPhones later than two years, which do not count towards the 120 million. That is why there is suddenly not far to the 232 million, of which Apple managed to long over the counter last year.


A good indication of how Apple’s sales figures are going to look like, the number of iPhones in production prior to the launch. Here is another analyst Maynard Um, from Wells Fargo inside with interesting information:

“Having regard to the suppliers in China have different media forms (Economic Daily News) reported that Apple has asked its suppliers to prepare in the range of 72-78 million tonnes. iPhone 7 units in 2016, which supposedly is the highest in two years. If we assume that 15 million. intended for the quarter to september, it will say around 57-63 million. in the quarter to december. And provided that the iPhone 7, on the low side, will constitute 75% of the models in the quarter, it will mean a total number of units of about 80 million. on average (as opposed to our forecast of 82.2 million. and above consensus about 74 million),“it sounds.

A statement from the analysis Institute Statista over Apple’s iPhone sales figures over the years shows, that thus shall the Lange at least 74.78 million. iPhones over the disc the first quarter if the upcoming iPhone 7 must beat the record from the iPhone 6. It can therefore may happen due to the many potential iPhone buyers who are ready, because Apple’s user base is of course constantly grows.

Another factor that may give Apple the wind in its sails, is that more users can be waiting to buy the iPhone 7, because they have skipped the iPhone 6s over hoping to wait for the big upgrade that originally stood to be iPhone 7. Everything points in mind, however, that the first is next year’s iPhone that gets the big makeover, and rather than wait another year, a switch to the iPhone 7 will hardly be unlikely.