New Windows 10 Beta Version for Smartphones

The new build 10052 of the technical preview of Windows 10 for smart phones to download is available now. The update addresses many issues that have been discovered by the previous reviewers.

According to a news post of internettles, Microsoft has released a new version of the technical preview of Windows 10 for smart phones. The update has the build number 10052 and is published only eleven days after the release of the technical preview online. Microsoft wants some troubleshoot with the update, which have fallen to the testers. These include, for example, the possibilities to activate airplane mode to turn off mobile data connection and to store the MMS settings that were lost after the update. It is also now possible to install the appropriate keyboard layouts for different input languages. New features are, however, not included.

In addition, the Windows phone reset tool was adapted so that even users of Lumia 520 can downgrade again on Windows phone 8.1. Here error occurred sporadically, prevented that the Smartphone has received the preview builds. The Lumia 520 now can access back to the previews. For the Lumia 1020 error should also be fixed, which wrong was the image in the viewfinder of the camera app after the update. Who has already installed the Windows trial version, will automatically receive the update to the new version.