News: Apple Ios 10, Macos, Watchos And 3 Other Sierra

Was held this Monday Apple’s annual conference dedicated to programmers (WWDC), a pretext for the company to present another series of news for next season. The event, held in San Francisco, in the U.S. State of California, served as a launch pad to new operating system versions of the mark and even a name change one of them. Learn about the news.

New iOS 10, for mobile devices

As was expected, the brand introduced the iOS mobile operating system 10, which you can download in the fall. Finally adapted to the potential of 3D Touch, this new version includes a number of features based on this new technology — for example, a new format of notifications with several different ways to interact with them. In addition, when you get on your iPhone or iPad, the screen will turn on automatically and it will show you the notifications that you haven’t seen.

To do this, Apple has redesigned yet the lock screen and also the applications News, Music and Maps. For multilingual, the keyboard now support multiple languages simultaneously and will have a better ability to predict what you want to write next. The payment service ApplePay — not yet available in Portugal — finally arrives to the Web and will have to wait your a new application called Home, Apple’s entry in the internet of things. Through it can control various elements of your home, since open and close doors, turn on or off lights and raise or lower the blinds. This if you have a smart House, of course.

Finally, the iOS 10 should allow you to erase most of those applications that come with your unit but you know you never will use. We Find Friends, Stocks, Email, among others.

Goodbye, Hello, macOS X (Sierra)

Disappears the OS X, appears the macOS. It’s all about brand, but the news does not get the name change. Apple introduced a new version he called Sierra. It is known that the test version (beta) will arrive in July and, like the iOS 10, the final version will come in the fall.

It is worth highlighting the arrival of voice Assistant Siri to Mac computers. However, the company’s focus seems to be in continuity between devices. You can, for example, to copy an item on a computer and paste it in another. And more: you can store the your desktop in the cloud and load it also on another computer. All this in an easy and intuitive, well Apple’s style.

3 watchOS for the Apple Watch

A new clock, nor see him. But as there is no two without three, the brand has opted to launch a new operating system for the so trendy smart clock. It’s called Apple watchOS 3 and, guess what, will arrive in the fall.

The main novelty? The applications, which open virtually instantaneous — up to seven times faster than the current version. Still, not wanting to let the new keyboard Scribble: instead of buttons, you will be able to draw each letter individually.

There is a new application of meditation called Breathe and a functionality to set up an emergency button. The press again, the clock will automatically bind to the national emergency number — United States of America us 911, 112 here in Portugal. Then, the Apple Watch will share with the wizard to your location, emergency contact and medical history (age, allergies, medical conditions and so on).

Other news: tvOS, news messages, memories

Apple is also working on a new operating system for the Apple TV, there’s still no official release date. In it, the Siri personal assistant will also be more intelligent, allowing search by specific topics directly on your tv. The service will also integrate the functions of the smart homes that also arrive to iOS 10.

I’ve talked previously of remodeling of Apple News. But it’s still important to discriminate a detail: you can do paid subscriptions of newspapers and magazines directly to the application which, according to the website The Verge, now includes more than 2,000 publications and joins more than 60 million readers per month.

With the arrival of iOS 10 are also prepared some improvements to the iMessage implementation, with suggestions to transform certain words in emojis and, also, with the introduction of emojis bigger. Finally, the Photos service was also worked and will include some features already available on Google Photos. Among them is the Memories, a wizard that creates photo albums and videos based on events and locations. Can preview these news further on the page that Apple created for this purpose.