Nichole Inside Out Protective Case with Speakers for iPad

Nichole Inside Out pouch is the perfect accessory for your iPad or netbook. This protective holster is made of neoprene with a speaker for cell phone, a synthetic rubber material which is used for diving (wet and dry suits). Neoprene is water resistant, shock-absorbing and heat-insulating. This iPad case protects the device against various types of scrapes, bumps and dust.

Protective Case with Speakers for iPad

– Waterproof, shock-absorbing and heat-insulating
– The ultimate protection for your iPad
– Made of neoprene
– Handy iPad accessories
– Fit the 7″ and 9″ laptop
-Available in the following color combinations: Yellow/blue – white/black – red/brown – grey/black – Black/beige-blue/purple.

With Harriet Inside Out iPad case, you get two different patterns in iPad pouch, so you can choose the colors on This iPad case should fit into most bags and backpacks. Nichole Inside Out pouch is a very useful accessory for your iPad. In addition, it also looks cool out.