Nokia 6720 Classic-Old Packaging of New Content

Nokia 6720 Classic is similar to the outer lot if the predecessor 6220 Classic. But when you compare them, it is a lot of that has been improved.

As usual, it is fun to read what Nokia writes about their phones on their website. Nokia 6720 is, according to “designed to talk”. I really hope that this is not unique to 6720 without any lurking from the Finnish mobile giant are supposed to cope with this particular mission.

Instead of irony further over it a little bit strange sales argument I am considering what pr-Elves really thought of when they worked out this sentence. At the same time twist and turn me on 6720 and ring a little more conversation and after a while it turns out that it is quite nice to just talk. It might please those who are tired of hearing about email and gps-navigation and turbo speeds for surfing on the phone when they ask what phone to buy to be able to make calls and send text messages.

6720 copes with talks, but it can also be all that different. But we start with the talking. Perhaps the most useful is the speakerphone, whether you do it in order to have your hands free or because you’re afraid of radiation so it’s nice to be able to put down the phone when talking.