Nokia’s Emergency Charger Tested

The concept is far from new: an additional emergency battery that charges up the usual battery when your phone is low on forces.

We have for example previously tested laddis. But most emergency chargers are based on common spelling batteries, that is not enough so far. Nokia DC-11 is enough for a full charge of the cell phone, and, in turn, is rechargeable with a standard Nokia mobilladdare.

Spare battery pack can upload lurking via either a standard Nokia contact (the little stick) or via the new standard in touch for most mobile manufacturer: micro-usb. The DC-11 can upload gadgets via micro usb battery gives this great potential, to be able to upload all sorts of lures. I have tried the battery with both Nokia N900 as Googlemobilen Nexus One.

The only drawback with the spare battery pack is that it is not directly a little. Sure, it’s very flat, but to the surface, it is perhaps a little large to want to drag with it constantly in his pocket. The reason, of course, is that the capacity should reach up to 1500 mAh, and thus lead to a full charge even Screamer of phones as Nokia N900.

The cables needed to recharge the headset is cleverly wrapped in the battery itself. When charging is complete, turn off the flashing little light on the charger. Another clever detail is that you can download two products at the same time. For example, you can download a Nokia mobile with the small Nokia-laddpinnen, and at the same time a bluetooth handsfree with micro-usb laddsladden.