Now You Can Get Permission to Test the Upcoming OnePlus 3

Saves a single mobile critic in you? So you can, in cooperation with OnePlus be among the 30 lucky ones who gets to test the upcoming OnePlus 3.

The next top model from the Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus, lurking just around the corner and is probably only two weeks away. Before OnePlus unveils the news producer, announces a competition-almost exceptionally-is not controversial.

OnePlus is not afraid to try new things and go a little untraditional approach with its marketing, which emphasized once again. A so-called peer review or an external evaluation assessment-by the OnePlus 3 is launched for not yet been launched, where 30 winners are allowed to test the phone as the first.

The concept is quite simple. The competition takes place on this website, where you can apply to become mobile notifier for OnePlus. The application must contain your personal information so you can receive a test examples (applies all over the world), just as you must tell with at least 500 words why it is you who must notify OnePlus 3.

As mobile Reviewer, there are also a few conditions that you must accept, for example, to OnePlus may require testing copy sent back, if desired.

If there is a single mobile critic inside you, it is just to strike before Sunday the 5. June at 16:00. However, the competition is tough, because you are currently already up against over 6,500 other applicants, if you give it a try.