Now You Can Pay Your Bills with MobilePay

Danske Bank launches feature MobilePay Invoice where you swipe with the usual lightning fast can pay invoices sent to you in MobilePay-app.

It is already made dramatically easier to pay invoices, after it has been possible either to scan the code line in several banks ‘ mobile apps or to receive them in the e-box rather than on paper.

Danske Bank seems, however, that it can be done even easier. That is why the initiative MobilePay Invoice just been launched, which is the Bank’s bid for an even easier and simpler solution to pay invoices and bills on the move.

Enterprises can for a small fee per broadcast Bill join Danske Bank’s new solution, developed with already widely used invoice standards, such that it is easy for companies to adapt its accounting system to MobilePay Invoice.

In addition to that it will be significantly easier, faster and with far fewer typing errors for companies by sending of invoices, will they now 3 million. users of MobilePay also experience a much better experience when the bullet bills to be paid.

When a is considered to be sent out, you will receive the right as an every other request immediately, where you can see this account amounts, whom the Bill is from and other details. From here it is just to make the classic swipe to the right, and so is the Bill done. Just as a normal expense, you can of course also wait to pay it forward to the last payment date, if your bankroll should be low.

When your Bill is paid, you can view the payment during Activities like all other payments and requests made.

“This is a genuine win-win solution. The customer gets his Bill digital and pay easily and simply. The company will often get the money faster return and experience fewer reminders and less need for debugging when reconciling payments, “ says Lars Sjögren, head of transaction Banking at Danske Bank according to

Tested with the first companies

Danske Bank is already in full swing with testing MobilePay Invoice together with the first companies, Topdanmark and Gastech-Energy, while all the other companies that want to use the smart, new system can begin to take the service in use from June.

“Many of our customers are ready to make use of electronic solutions. With MobilePays great distribution solution is perfect for us, because we can ensure that the amount and reference on payment always will be correct. It will make us more efficient and our customers more satisfied when they can now pay on the go, “ says Henrik Axle Olsen, responsible for the digital collection solutions with Topdanmark.