O2/Telefonica in the Fixed Network Test 2015: 3rd Place

The Munich-based provider reaches a good third place. He can match the top duo in the discipline data, language, there’s slight losses.

In the ranking, O2/Telefonica could work this year significantly upward. landed 2014 still in last place of the tested nationwide provider, manages the company based in Munich, this time on position three. Since may 2014, O2 marketing DSL and VDSL lines of Telekom, behind which then however the Telefónica’s own core network provides for the provision of voice and data packages.

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However, there are also still many existing customers, former Alice terminations in the Telefónica fixed network. Because these connections based not on the newer Telecom can change, zafaco three of a total of 16 rated test connections with this technique operates. The difference is also evident in the used devices: while the Telecom-based connectors use the powerful Fritz box 7490, the home box supplied by other hard goods manufacturers depends on the former Alice lines.

In data for the best

Total O2/Telefónica with the data results (downloads and uploads, Web services and Web-TV) is close to the top ranked 1 & 1 and Telecom. However, Munich are slightly behind the language. So, the building calls within its own all-IP network with 1.5 seconds on average takes the longest of all the candidates. The provider does well, however, when the language runtimes, such as calls from a conventional ISDN landline on its all-IP connections.

To criticize less, we have in the discipline of test data: the response times at start up – and downloads are the second fastest in the test field with an average 9 milliseconds, for the evaluations in the category Web TV O2/Telefonica is one of the top flight. Total, Munich thus yield a compelling result.