Obama Says iPad and Xbox are “Threats to Democracy”

During a speech to about a thousand students at Hampton University in the US, Barack Obama expressed his concern at what he calls “obsession with entertainment” of the current generation, which says undermine the formation of conscious citizens.

According to the President, the large supply of gadgets and content that distract millions every day can be harmful even for the country’s future.

“With iPad, iPod, Xboxes and PlayStations – none of us know exactly how it works – the information has become a distraction, fun, and not in an empowering tool and emancipation,” he said. “All this just puts more pressure on you, about our country and even on our democracy,” noting that education is vital in this time of “radical change.”

Obama urged the graduates to seek information on “blogs, television and radio programs” and that the current generation do your best to “serve as a model for the younger ones.” “Seriously, even the craziest ideas can quickly gain strength and become reality. I even had experiences with it, “he said in reference to the recent approval of a public health system in the country.