Obsolete Fjunis

Finnish Benefon makes comeback as mobile manufacturer with the model Twig, and it offers both innovative and-frankly-miserable obsolete features. We are perplexed and surprised. By Linus Brohult

Benefon is enough for many an unknown handset manufacturers, but the fact is that Finnish Benefon manufactured mobile phones for almost 20 years. 2003 applied to bankruptcy, but was rescued by new investors took over. However, the issue is how long to Benefon holding out this time, for the mobile phone is the first model of the Twig mobile from “new” Benefon-and it is very notable, both as a concept and in practice.

Let’s start with the very idea of this phone: built-in GPS. This is nothing strange. The other way around. GPS navigation with maps on the mobile screen can be a smooth function. Since a few years tillbalka are PDAs with built-in GPS as GPS software that can be installed and run on regular mobile phones (along with external GPS antenna).

But Benefons idea with Twig is that the phone’s built-in GPS antenna will make the phone constantly knows where you are. If you press an emergency button, the phone able to send your position to preset numner. And from the webpage twigme.com to your friends be able to follow where you are.

This is honestly pretty stupid. GPS is not the right technique for this type of functionality. GPS requires that you have your phone continuously under the open sky. Not indoors. Not in my pocket. Not in the bag. How many manage their mobile? Who wants to constantly go around with the mobile as a divining ahead sneglandes to the sky where the GPS satellites are?

On the contrary, these services rather that made to be offered along with a mobile operator. With the help of cellular mobile phone positioned no matter if it is in your pocket or elsewhere. It is a feature that Telia has long since offers with the service Friendfinder and Three with Service Find buddy. Then it works far better than with Benefon Twig.

GPS is above all a way to navigate during driving. But the Twig is unfortunately far behind virtually all competitors that I tried in the last few years in terms of GPS navigation. First, it is extremely difficult to even get it to find the GPS satellites. It is not enough to start the GPS program, but first you have to always enable the GPS antenna. Then took me to the phone was under real sky in about half an hour to find their position. With GPS started also took the battery out in less than a few hours. In addition, worked the actual GPS software, significantly worse than the GPS software that competitors offer.

Benefon Twig also in other menus that feel antiquated. Camera is not available, but after a bit of trickery with the settings I could use wap and receive mms. Though already after three incoming mms complained the phone to the memory was full.

The menu system in both the GPS software and your phone otherwise feels sadly unfriendly towards the user. Modern media features like camera and music are missing completely.

Twig is a puffy phone that outwardly reminds of mobiles from the late 90 ‘s. But at the top sits a special button to instruct the phone to send a text message via e.g. position. The times I tried it, it was, however, only zeros in the position that was sent. This is because I use of not before the emergency button is continuously held the phone under the sky the several minutes it takes.

Most works simply quite bad with Benefon Twig. For those who want GPS, there are many better alternatives, both as accessory kits to several common mobile phones and Benefons Finnish lokalkonkurrent Nokia releases soon model N95 also has built-in GPS.

Before you buy

Benefon Twig has built-in GPS, but it works pretty well. Also the phone’s other menus and features feel slightly outdated.


Wayfinder Navigator is a good GPS software that works with standard mobile phones and are sold in packages with external GPS antenna. The upcoming mobile phone Nokia N95 is also an interesting option.

Score of 30%

Telephony & data 5

Multimedia 3

Systems and applications 3

Ease of use 2

Performance and memory 2


Built-in GPS

Can transmit that position


Weak GPS

Poor performance

The menus

Missing camera

Benefon Twig Discovery

Type: Gsm triband and gps

Weight: 128 g

Dimensions: 116 x 51 x 24 mm

Talk time: 7 hours

Standby time: 120 hours

Memory: 10 MB and 1 Gb MiniSD card with maps of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

Internet and data features: Wap browser

Screen: TFT display with 176 x 220 262000 colours and pixel

Camera: No

Other features: Built-in GPS with alarm button

Socket for external antenna: Yes