On The Smartphone and PC Install WhatsApp Threema

The new terms of WhatsApp provide further Eddy. Threema is a good Messenger-alternative, even on the computer.

In August of last year, WhatsApp has changed its terms of use. A transition period then expired a few weeks later, during which one further could use the popular Messenger app, without having agreed to the new terms and conditions. But is since the end of September. WhatsApp passes since certain account information to the parent company Facebook next, including the personal mobile phone number as well as the type and duration of use.

So, who does not agree, has only the option to change the Messenger. One is Threema of several alternatives, which offers a secure end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp. Also, the Swiss manufacturer promises Threema be designed to produce as no data track.Groups and contacts lists managed on your own mobile device and not on the servers.Also, local

data would be stored encrypted on the mobile phone or tablet. Otherwise, Threema offers the same features like Whatsapp, so send text and voice messages, share videos, images and locations, send any files and a group function with the exception of telephony. Detrimental to the comparatively small distribution, as well as the costs are: Threema for Android and iOS once 2,99 Euro for Windows phone will cost 1.99 euros.

After WhatsApp announcement: Increasing download numbers at Threema

As you go: Buy the app in the store and tap “Set Threema” and movement on the number pad, create a Threema identifier. Entering your phone number and your E-mail in the next step necessary is optional and not mandatory, the number is but makes sense so that you more easily unlock your contacts later for the Messenger. Also, you will receive an SMS with a link on the URL to verify the phone number on your cell phone number. To “Complete”, you understand the establishment of Threema off.

If you now open the app and open the contact list, notice, that it contains (probably) a lot less entries than previously on WhatsApp. If so use Threema to communicate with your acquaintances, friends, or co-workers, you animate them also to install the app. Adding new contacts can be made in addition to the phone number via their Threema ID or a QR code scanning. This also serves to identify the contact as “really safe” by mutual scanning on your Smartphone. In the Threema contacts, these are marked with three green dots.

As already mentioned, the mobile number at Threema is used especially for the synchronization of the contacts in the phone, it is not necessary for the messaging in contrast to the Threema ID. Conversely, this means that you can use Threema on your computer. To install the BlueStacks app player on your Windows machine, start it and register it as of Android used with your Google account. Then open the play store and download the Threema app for your Smartphone purchased already. Set up and use the Messenger then as described for the Smartphone can, writing longer texts with a proper keyboard but is of course much more comfortable than on the phone.