OnePlus 3 Can Be Purchased without Invitations from the 14. June

After two years, scrap the controversial invitation finally OnePlus system when the new top officially launched and can be purchased from the 14. June.

Attitudes towards the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is many-partly because of the company’s often unconventional marketing, and partly because it has hitherto been required to obtain a special invitation in order to be able to buy OnePlus’ smartphones.

OnePlus have gradually opened up for sales of its phones by removing the requirement of invitations several months after they have been launched, and the expectation was, therefore, that the same thing would happen again with the upcoming OnePlus 3 …

However, it will not be the case, it turns out. In a forum thread is indeed interesting news from OnePlus ‘ co-founder, Carl Pei. In this report he not only out, that officially launches Tuesday, 14 3 OnePlus. June, but also the requirement of invitations will disappear – forever.

Therefore, you will be able to visit OnePlus ‘ website and add the new phone in the shopping cart and buy it right away – just as you can on any other webshop.

The reason why the controversial invitations finally is gone, is to now have regained a OnePlus as big business, that there is no longer a need to limit the production and sales of the phones in order to reduce the risk of having a large batch in profits that cannot be sold.


To follow with the launch of OnePlus 3

OnePlus experimented last year by launching the top model OnePlus 2 in a virtual reality experience and through an Android app created for the purpose. This is the case again this year, where you can download the app OnePlus 3 Launch: The Loop, if you have a virtual reality headset or a spectacle.

The special thing about this year’s launch is that the 30,000 users who were quick to get a free OnePlus Loop VR goggles, have an exclusive opportunity to buy OnePlus 3 in a virtual reality-webshop via Loop-the app before all others.

This means that users with access via in OnePlus ‘ virtual reality app can buy OnePlus 3 from Tuesday, 14.June 18:30 o’clock, while all other buyers in the regular Web store to buy a copy the same day from 21:00.And it is, as I have said, without the use of invitations.