OnePlus Lowers Prices on All of Its Phones

The already cheap top models from OnePlus is now even cheaper in Denmark, where there have been cut up to 16% of the cost.

The Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus, excelling in advance with the very low prices on its smartphones, competing with all the other major manufacturers ‘ top models-often to the double price.

Just as we did not believe that prices could be much lower lowers prices on entire portfolio now OnePlus consisting of the three smartphones OnePlus One, OnePlus X and OnePlus 2. The company writes in a forum thread. The new prices are therefore as follows:

OnePlus 2 2,490.0- 2,699.0- 209.0-(7.8%)
OnePlus X 1,790.0- 2,049.0- 259.0-(12.6%)
OnePlus One 1,890.0- 2,249.0- 359.0-(16%)


Technically applies saving only for the last two models, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, since the original OnePlus One hasn’t been in stock for long periods of time and may also not get it again. OnePlus is in all probability in time with that empty out in the inventory prior to the launch of the next top model, OnePlus 3bet the whole store.

Should you go with considerations about buying one of the ‘ two most recent smartphones, OnePlus there is now an even better reason to give the Chinese manufacturer a chance, since it is quite unheard of to see so cheap prices on smartphones with the specifications, as the phones here offers.