OnePlus One Vs DSLR Canon 5 D Mark III in Video Recording

The Smartphones today’s day have greatly improved the section photo and video against what we had years ago. Far as to achieve equivalent materials in quality professional solutions such as camera DSLR Canon 5 d Mark III.

Here we show a video where is van overlapping fragments of video, including enlargements for details which is clear that OnePlus One, with a small Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor 1/3.06 “of 13 megapixel and 4K resolution video, get a very good result.

This video was recorded by Italian film director Giacomo Mantovani who has carried out a series of tests to OnePlus One camera from the point of view of a cinematograph. So it has cast an eye to the definition of the video recorded on 4 k or videos in slow motion, 120 FPS.

Taking into account that it uses as reference when recording contents a Canon 5 d Mark III, also has faced the OnePlus One you you, with tripod and full light of day, the best possible scenario, both devices and the result has been good, but we are confident that with such good light situations any terminal high-end today day it would defend as well as OnePlus One.

This mean that OnePlus One is a smartphone that is the height of a current DSLR when recording video? Obviously you can’t that statement without nuances. However, if we make use of the smartphone in optimal lighting conditions, as the scenes of the video, the result is quite close.

If there were shots where the light when something, the sensor size would begin to take its toll, raising the noise and grain of the image in a notorious way.