Online Storage Service Box in the Test

In the free version, the online storage service acts somewhat unspectacular box. While he has the touch of special: goods made apps for iOS, Android and co. facilitate the mobile use of the cloud.

A first and foremost: Web applications for E-mail, addresses and appointments are missing in box. And also the automatically generated media libraries a la iCloud Apple or Amazon Cloud Drive remain sidelined. Who signs up for the free personal-free version, gets respectable 10 GB online storage for the Web-based data storage, Windows PCs, Macs and all kinds of mobile devices can access the. Even Windows phone and BlackBerry users will be granted access.

The apps for iOS and Android are clearly designed and provide useful functionality. This includes the ability to download on the move needed files already on your local Wi-FI network. Who uses convenient offline storage, can save also on the way its data limits for mobile Internet.

When uploading, this cloud service allows leisurely walk. In our tests, the uploads to the Web servers via landline, stationed in the United States lasted sometimes twice as long as usual. In addition to the transport, keeping data should be encrypted. In the Gratispaket, the maximum upload file size is only 250 MB. Common file formats can be open in the box apps and provided with comments.

The other plus points include the restore of older versions of files or the rights management, which makes it easier to collaborate on documents via the cloud. Such features can be found only in the fee box packages.