Operator Cardenas Customer Services Tested

Mobile has once again rung, chatted, searched the Web pages and asked silly questions to see which carrier has the best customer service.

There are a number of operators offering mobile telephone services in Sweden. In addition to the big four mobile operators with their own networks, there are a number of smaller operators. A lot of them are in fact subsidiaries of any of the big, while others buy network capacity from them.

In our test we have selected the operators offering mobile telephony and mobile broadband. There will be a total of eight companies. The big four plus Glocalnet is a subsidiary of Our site, Comviq is a trademark under Tele2 and Halebop is a brand for Our sitesonera. And so Universal Telecom, which is an independent company.

The subsidiaries often serve as low-cost alternative to parent companies and a reasonable question to ask yourself is if you opt good customer service if you choose the low-cost option. The issue we let go again throughout the test, as we begin to look at operators ‘ Web pages.

Web pages

The Web is often the first place to look when you need help from your carrier. If for no other reason than to find contact information in the form of email form or phone number. But the fact is that it often pays to look for the information you need directly to your Web page. And when your phone acting up outside office hours is the website always open.

How good the site is on providing support depends primarily on how much information is there, and how easy it is to find the information you are looking for. Our site Sonera, Our site and Three stand out for having the largest amount of information on the Web page, in Our site and Our site’s case almost too much then it must grope around in a sea of information on the fixed telephony, adsl and television services.

Other participants in the test has a little more Spartan information on the Web. One may wonder why subsidiaries of the big operators are not allowed to partake of the same information database.

Looking at the type of information you can find on the Web is that some questions are easier to answer than others. Prices and data traffic cap for mobile broadband is easy to find. All operators except Universal, for example, specific pages with detailed information about the offer the markets lowest rates. The four major operator agree pages stand out, however, that also have very about information about how, for example, avoids data traffic or call forwarding to voice mail abroad. It is a little more complicated or specific questions you notice that Web pages are not enough, but it’s the personal help is required.

Our site, Tele2 and Our site have robot assistants John, Sara and Emma who will help you find the information on the Web. Actually, this is just a glorified search function with more personal appeal, but they are a little better at picking out keywords from what is written than standard search bar, and sometimes you will be surprised of how well they manage to pick out the most relevant page based on a query that “I’ll go to Germany. How does it work to call and text and who pays what? ”

Our site’s Emma and Tele2 ‘s Sara works a little better than Our site’s Eva, and especially for Emma can be charmed little of the personal style of writing and that she in Easter week is dressed as a woman.

The most important thing is of course the information, and to win Emma over Sara that Our site has a more ambitious Web page.

Other operators have no robot assistants and one must look up the information in other ways, usually via the search bar. It is not always easy, some of the questions we will end up out of the operator’s point of view not in customer service. Of course it is not easy to organize such a dataset in an orderly manner, but I think that most operators could have done a better job.

Our site WINS barely over Our site in the Branch Web page, much thanks to the best search feature.

Winner: Our site

Chat and e-mail

Sometimes it is easier to express themselves in writing than orally when having problems with mobile phone. Email has the advantage that you can write them at their convenience, while chat helps if you want to get fast answers and need to ask follow-up questions. All operators should therefore offer an opportunity to put questions in writing. Everyone does that too, but three and Our site. Our site offers chat support for Iphone and broadband, but not for other mobile telephony issues.

Our site, Halebop and Universal Telecom has live chat support option. Chat is actually closer to the telephone than email in the form, and you would expect a nice salutation of the man chatting with. You notice that some customer service staff forgets it, and often correct but very great information.

In a chat, it is also important to show that we do not become forgotten or disconnected. Our site, Halebop and Universal Telecom is all good on that show that help is on the way or that the answers are written. Tele2 is significantly worse. On the other hand, it is OK to be directed to the Web in a chat, at least if the customer service sends an exact link, which is far from always the case.

Our site’s and Halebops chat features stand out among other things by a log function so that you can save and read through the answers they received. For Halebop it is of course especially important with a great chat function when they have no phone support. They have, but it’s a lot of information to be entered before you get to the chatting. Our site’s chat is more direct, and in combination with the best opening hours have Our site the best chat.

Tele2 Comviq, Glocalnet, Halebop and Universal Telecom answering questions via e-mail. Worth noting is that we get the answer via email – the question must be asked in a Web form. Web pages and forms are not very mobile, so it is basically confined to asking questions from the computer. A typical address had made it possible to ask a question directly from the email application on your phone, but it is not.

Fastest e-postsvaren comes from Tele2 Comviq and – certainly the same company, but the customer service was 60 minutes faster on that answer the question that was asked of Comviq-form. Despite the fact that the clock stopped on 1.5 and 2.5 hours operates customer service staff have read the question properly. Both Universal Telecom and Glocalnet, who took the longest time to return, leaving incomplete answers. Although the quality of the factual content in the response varies slightly, they are well written. In large part, is it safe if prewritten templates, but the overall impression is positive and the answers are in most cases far fuller than chat responses.

Tele2 and Halebop responds by giving good and exact links to the correct information on the website. Comviq prints the entire response on a good and clear way in communication – a clear plus if you read email on your phone because the links often lead to a page that is heavy to open in your phone’s browser.

Winners chat: Our site

Winner email: Comviq


The vast majority still prefer to call if they need to contact customer service today, and the telephone support weighs heavily in our test. We have telephoned both the lunch rush hour as on weekends and overall response times, including planers in touch tone menus, exemplary short.

Our site stands out in a negative way, with an average response time of almost 7 minutes, with most of the others are at 1-2 minutes. It depends almost entirely on that in cases regarding mobile broadband typically end up with our site’s broadband support, where the standard for wait times is quite another. To our site’s defense, it should be said that, on the record long waiting time of 21 minutes, they automatically provide an accurate forecast for how long it will take, and offer to call you back when it is your turn in the queue, so that you can do other than to sit on hold in the meantime. Smart!

The opening hours for phone support are generally clearly approved. It’s not just office hours, most are open a good bit in the evening, and sometimes early in the morning. All but universal has phone support even on Saturday and Sunday, although opening times are usually shorter. But Our site plays in a League of its own with their phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The worst thing that can happen when calling customer service is that you become disconnected. It is now a rarity, but it happens once, when we call Glocalnet. What is worse, it happens every time in three attempts, and it seems to happen already in the automated touch-tone menus. Just then, it simply doesn’t get through to telephone support, and it is of course extremely annoying, especially since you never get an explanation why, just a sudden “thank you for your call” when you keyed out through all the options.

It is above all the telephone support we used to measure the level of knowledge, then we assume that these are the same people who respond to emails and chats. The exception is the Halebop which has no phone support, where we instead relied on chatting.

The level of knowledge varies remarkably a lot, not only on issues which we regard as a premium. On the question of whether you can use your phone as a modem to the computer is responding, for example, an employee of otherwise decent reliable Our site decided no, and then try to sell us a mobile broadband subscription.

Most of the questions we asked are formulated so that there is more to the answer than as expressly asked for. When we ask if it is possible to connect the mini laptop to the Internet with your mobile phone, for example, we would have liked to at least someone came up with the idea to ask if your computer has a built-in sim card slot, but it does not happen. For the issue of international calls is just a Tele2 employees coming to remind us to turn off the answering message when we are abroad, if we do not want to pay dearly for incoming voice messages. It’s such a small extra you want personal service, and it happens unfortunately all too rarely.

On the whole, we get a sense that the skill level has fallen compared with the previous year’s customer service test. Above all, it is Three and Our site who used to stand out positively which is now at about the same level as the others, but we feel that generally had poorer response in years on the issues that we recycled from previous years.

The response also varies widely, from conversations which are filled with a feeling of being genuinely nice responded, to a woman at Our site, which sounds so harsh when she asks a to enter the phone number, even though you already keyed it into the automatic system earlier in the process that you hardly dare ask her stupid questions to her. Most fall somewhere in between, but even here we experience a difference from previous years, with more customer service employee who feels bored or uninvolved.

For telephone support a can of course strongly suspect that Glocalnet and Comviq utilizes the same customer service as the parent companies. It is, however, that other talking hours. Especially Comviq, which has actually been open an hour later in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday than the parent company. But at least Glocalnet exhibit approximately the same location as the parent company Our site.

24-hour in all its glory, if you don’t get good response from customer service if you have no joy of it, and the best answers in our telephone survey delivers Tele2, followed by Universal Telecom. Tele2 and Universal Telecom are also those who gave us the best reception on the phone.


For the third year in succession, the our site wins the customer service test. But this year, it was very smooth, and we had to tally down to deciles in protocols to ascertain that Tele2 narrowly fail to take up the same score as our site. Had they done so, we would have had the skill level tip the scales, and Tele2 had won.

It will be a victory Trophy with a disclaimer. Our site has the best website and unsurpassed availability, but the skill level is Our site’s weak link, which performs among the worse in the test.