Oppo Find 7a after One Month of Use, a Valid Smartphone for Users Both Novice and Advanced

The Chinese company Oppo He launched his Oppo Find 7a terminal a few months ago and in Xatakandroid the virtues of the same as well as its system of quick charge in our analysis we already tested.

We thought a good terminal large with good design and a good camera capable of recording even at 4K resolution. We also found some buts as it was the software layer Color OS, the performance of the screen outdoors or well that could only be purchased from their website.

Obviously we spent a few days with the terminal to perform our analysis but some features or issues only come to light after several weeks of use. For this reason we wanted to analyze it After a month of use.

Oppo Find 7a after a month of use

Also in this case are going a step further, since the editor who has tried it is Pedro Santamaría, editor of Applesfera and who has made the leap from your iPhone for a month to fully enter the Android ecosystem, so we have an impression that can be interpreted from both points of view.

Peter points out that a terminal is maybe something big and its 5.5 inch are noted. However in matter of performance It makes clear that it has not noticed any problem of slowdown even with demanding applications or games of last generation.

A point which is interesting is its system of load fast battery and is that the same microUSB connector as well as your charger have a distinguishing feature, two additional pins which supplied more tension load, allowing you to achieve a load of 80% in a matter of a little more than half an hour.

Oppo Find 7a also by the camera of the same, which while boasting in terms of software does not offer that has a positive result at the time of capture.

If you want to know our experience after one month of use with Oppo Find 7a We encourage you to watch the video in full.