Orbot: Surf Anonymously With Tor On Android

We will tell you how you cheat with the anonymization service “Gate” and the app “Orbot” the data grabbed of curious Web site operators.

Traces when surfing on the Internet: Web services store information about you in cookies, and the more you use the service of a party, his picture of you is more precise. Amazon is a case in point: The Internet giant proposes you article based on previous searches. Their buying behavior, but also your product search is recorded and analyzed.Getting orders for products you are looking for a different page. The data collections of Web services can be detrimental for you even at the so-called dynamic pricing. So the price of the product the demand adapts itself: this can cause you to pay a higher price at the end.

Your IP address is an another traitor. It is called automatically when surfing, so that the server knows where he should send his data with the Web page. This is necessary, but anybody can figure out at least your approximate location using the IP address.

Android: Protect privacy in five steps

While all common Internet browsers have a so called private browsing feature – that you with this but no traces in the Internet a fallacy is leave. Only on your Smartphone, nobody can then track which Web pages you have surfed, because the browsing history and cookies will be deleted automatically.

Surf anonymously with Tor


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Anonymizing services prevent that its Internet activities can be spied out. The anonymization network ‘ gate ‘ is very popular: “Tor” stands for “The Onion Router”, literally “the onion router”. The strange-looking title explained, when you consider the principle in mind: to disguise his origin, goal sends each packet of data about different, randomly selected computers (nodes) before it then passes over a leaf node (exit node) in the open Internet. Their IP trace is so diverted through different anonymization servers. So that the data on any of the involved goal calculator can be read, they are encrypted. It is a multiple encryption in the onion skin principle: each of the nodes involved in the transport decrypted in a layer. As a result the packagethat arrives at the node looks different for eavesdroppers as the one that sends the node.

Of course, it should be clear that you not should join Facebook or other social networks or your E-Mail account, while you’re browsing with Tor, otherwise it is over quickly with anonymity.

Use Tor on Android

With your Smartphone in the Internet to surf anonymously, you need the free proxy app ” Orbot ” the provider of Guardianproject, which you can find in the Google play store.Orbot uses the Tor network to cover your tracks on the Internet, and can be used with several different apps.

Without root access: You have no root privileges on your Android Smartphone, then you should use the Tor client Orbot in conjunction with the security browser ” Orfox “, which you can download from the app itself. For this type in the application above right on the three points and then click the option “Apps get”. Here you will find the security-optimized Firefox browser Orfox. The application then forwards them for downloading to the Google play store. Here, you install the app. Now activate the gate connection in the Orbot application by tapping on the logo and short hold. Then, you can surf anonymously with the combination of the two programs on the Internet.

Within the Orbot app you can also find redirects to download of additional compatible apps like the Messenger Chatsecure, Duduckgo search application, and Twitter. You can not protect unfortunately their traffic without root privileges on your Smartphone.

With root access: But fundamentally, the application works without root privileges. If you want to protect all traffic but they don’t come around to the extended rights.Otherwise, it is not possible to encrypt Internet traffic of each installed app and to redirect across multiple computers. Lets you easily create rooting your Android Smartphone, learn how here .

Tip: Surf anonymously – protect these tips in the Internet

Only with the installation of the app, it’s still not done. So that you can surf really anonymously, you must correctly configure Orbot. To change the language in German, upper right corner, tap on the slider and open so the settings. The point of “Languages” is under “General”. Select here “German”. Go to settings, and then scroll back “transparent mediation (requires root privileges)”. Find the option “Request on root access”. Place a checkmark here. It opens a window in which, the app is a “superuser request”. Confirm this with “Allow”. Then touch the function further down “Choose applications”. Now opt for the apps for the traffic to pass through gate. Then start gate, tap on the gateway logo and hold it briefly. Terminate the anonymous connection to have to repeat the process.

Gate identity change: To anonymize your tracks on the Web even better, start Orbot. Now wipe the activation button in the middle of the screen. He should now rotate around its own axis. You change during the goal identity, changing your ID address, with which you move in the network.

Disadvantage when browsing with Tor

While you protect your privacy when you surf via the Tor network. However, you need to count with shaky performance. The download speed is lower than for surfing in normal operation, because already a congested way station can act as a brake. VPN tools are a faster alternative.

This switch a virtual-private-network-server between your computer and your surfing destination. Disadvantage: The method fails when most providers with monthly fees to beech. You can read more about VPN tools in our article.