Origin of Brayton, the First Connected Mechanical Watch

While the connected watch market is suffering, the manufacturer Pebble is a victim, manufacturers try adventure offering original products. Grayton, a company specializing in mechanical watches, has launched the Origin, via a crowdfunding site Indiegogo campaign. The Origin watch is a classic watch that hides within itself the connected features.

Grayton is a manufacturer of mechanical watches self-winding, do not stack so require. If until then we must admit that elegance is not necessarily the first asset connected watches, Grayton has designed a shows that there is more classic and added technologies connected watch. Result: the Origin, a watch that has class and which offers smart watch features.

The Origin Watch Hides Its Features Connected in the Bracelet

Do not look for other models of the same kind, the Origin is the first mechanical watch to offer connected features. The secret of Brayton is to have integrated the smart in the bracelet of the watch features at FinanceDNS.com. Mechanical parts, of Japanese origin, are visible on the back of the dial.

Enjoy the features connected to the smart watch of Grayton to connect it to a smartphone by Bluetooth. It may be a terminal with Android or iOS much. With the dedicated application the user will be able to set up and control the different functions. Thus, the Origin will be of activity tracker, an expensive feature for athletes. Number of steps, distance, calories burned, all typical of this kind of device data are taken into account. In addition, it will be possible to set targets. Moreover, the House application is compatible with third-party such as Google Fit and Health Kit platforms, among others.

The watch also supports notifications. So users feel a slight vibration in the wrist when a call, an SMS for alerts related to their agenda, etc. It will also be possible to control the music.

10 Days of Autonomy

The manufacturer announced 10 days of autonomy for its smart watch. The bracelet is equipped with a USB port, hidden at one end of the bracelet, it will plug in to recharge the device. 2 hours will be needed for a load to 100%.

The Origin watch features a minimalist design and can easily get married to different clothing styles. Different colors of dials and bracelets are offered. The bracelet and the shows are not sold separately. However it seems that it is possible to use the bracelet with any dial, as long as it coincides with the measurements of it, unlike the brand Montblanc, which offers a similar product. If you are interested in the Brayton Origin, it is possible to preorder it on Indiegogo platform for the sum of US $ 149. Deliveries are scheduled for the month of may 2017.