OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 4 Protective Cover

OtterBox, is one of the finest iPhone accessory manufacturers, which has expanded its renowned Defender Series ™ line of high-quality mobile covers for iPhone 4.

OtterBox Defender Series Protective Cover

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 4 cover is probably the best on the market. OtterBox for iPhone ™ 4 Defender Series ™ is an elegant and sophisticated mobile cover offering protection in 3 layers. First a thin clear membrane that covers your Touch screen to prevent scratches. Second is a hard, strong polycarbonate construction that surrounds your cell phone. Silicone is wrapped around these two layers and absorbs shock and shock.

– Completely re-designed look which gives a stronger grip on the phone
– Hands-free media training
– Clear protective film on the touch screen
– High quality (polycarbonate protection)
– Durable silicone skin