Our Site Cloud Drive in the Test

Our site spoils good customers with space without end in the our site Cloud. Their main task: Provide acquired media content at our site. Otherwise, photos in focus are available.

She has almost every our site account holder, not everyone knows it: that at the logon menu of the hidden music and video libraries of the our site Cloud Web site hold the songs purchased from Our site and movies. Without own provides the online retailer – if legally possible – all there purchased audio CDs in MP3 format to stream or download from the cloud ready.

This service is free of charge and the storage space required. Apps like our site music or instant video on the go easier playback via phone or tablet.

The cloud drive itself provides more content which you in the Kindle store of purchased E-books include 5 GB free. Accessible via Web browser or desktop app offer contents itself with sparse feature set, making handling easy. Content management and back and moving of files between computers and cloud work like clockwork. At least photos and videos open directly in the browser. Web services for audio playback or even the editing Office documents are not integrated. Files share goes beyond gemailte Web links.

With the photo apps for Android and iOS, image files can also be passed as mail with annex. As the name suggests, the mobile apps focus to bring images into the cloud. The automatic photo and video upload can be limited to Wi-FI networks. The cloud content management is restricted via the iPhone or Android powered device.