Our Site Online Memory Test

We have cloud storage by Web.de in the test. We tell you what the our site scores online storage, and where there is a need to catch up.

Our site online memory test: you are looking for a feature set allowing out here in vain. This online store is focused on what the name promises. And he also shares good – especially about iPhone and co. Who want to access the maximum quota of free memory needs a free mailbox and have the desktop application for your Windows PC, as well as the app for iPhone, iPad, or Android install.

Then there’s also the highest comfort in addition to 10 GB. Dropbox typical advantage of the PC program: it includes the online storage as a virtual drive and controls the automatic leveling. The online data are promptly available. The maintenance of the data stock immediately runs around through the Web interface and the mobile apps.

It is only a pity that file uploads via PC browser block the Web interface. In the tablet or on your Smartphone the direct access to the Android folder structure facilitates uploading the required files. Who wants to save data volume for the mobile Internet, uses the offline feature and loads documents or media content at home via Wi-FI on your mobile device.

When sharing through the Web interface, it releases a directory by E-Mail. The guests will receive a link that leads to the shared files of the host. The iOS app releases either folders or files and comes with automatic photo – / video-upload, which can be limited to Wi-FI. Android users can share files as an email attachment.

The GMX MediaCenter coincides largely with the presented here free offer. No wonder, because both providers such as 1 & 1 to United Internet and both promise the in this country strict privacy guidelines to maintain the data in domestic data centers.