Overview: These Devices Support Android 6 & 7

Android 6 “Marshmallow” was presented at the end September 2015, Android 7 “Nougat” less than a year later. We will tell you what devices the versions of the operating system are used.

Looking at the market share of the main versions of Android (raised in November 2016), is clearly a trend to make out: Android 6 Marshmallow has in the past few weeks get a huge surge and now stands at 24 percent (in September 18.7 percent)! Android loses 5 Lollipop, however, easily, but finding with 34.1 percent still on most Android is. 25.2 percent use still Android 4.4 (Kit Kat), followed by Android 4.2.x jelly bean with 6.8 percent, Android of 4.1.x (also jelly bean) with 4.9 percent and Android 4.3 jelly bean with 2.0 per cent. Android 7 nougat is currently only 0.3 percent of all Android-powered devices to find.

How to install an update

Before you worry about an update, you should first check which version of Android running on your device. That goes by you scroll up to the point “over the phone” in the settings. In one of the last entries for the current Android version of your mobile device.

You should download updates only over Wi-Fi. You can set this in the settings under “Phone info-> software updates”.

Usually the Smartphone via pushbutton message informs you whether a download system update is ready. Tap the update message then first to learn, how big is the file to be installed, what it involves and whether you go to a new version number. Small file sizes often indicate updates, fix the problems in performance, security and stability. You should install them in any case.

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A major update is usually a new version of Android. You should not immediately play on.Read about the experiences of other users of the same Smartphone model in Internet forums. Partly the new version still not running smoothly.

We have researched the most common mobile devices with regard to their updates on Android for you 6 or 7. Please note, however, that the update plans of manufacturers can spontaneously change.