Overview: Windows 10 Mobile in Deep Crisis, Spotify Deals and Sony Xperia X test

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was

It seems that at the end of Microsoft’s operating system lakke for smartphones. After a sharp decline in the past year, mass layoffs and divestitures of Nokia store is the prospects for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 10 gloomy.
Microsoft withdraws from the smartphone race
Microsoft fires 1,850 employees and ‘streamlines’ its business of Windows smartphones-in other words abandoning Microsoft now forbrugersmartphones.

Analysis: Windows Phone approaching the Tomb
New figures from Gartner shocks: less than one percent of smartphones running Windows now on board.

Windows still has a future on smartphones? [VOTE]
Dark clouds withdraws over Microsoft’s operating system for smartphones. Do you continue on the project?

At Google, Spotify and Netflix will make the experience better for consumers. With Google, it happens with a new initiative aimed at ensuring faster updates of Android system, with Netflix streaming quality will ensure better with a new tool, while Spotify keeps sale on some music packages.

Google will exhibit producers with slow software updates
Google leads log of how long each smartphone manufacturers are about to deploy software updates and is now considering to publish figures.

Here are two new summer discounts Spotifys
It will be significantly cheaper to stream music for families and new Spotify customers. Here is streaminggiganten good summer deals.

Take a Netflix-check and see if your network keeps [TIP]
Streaming-giant Netflix drop the test tool loose, so you can check whether your broadband provider delivers the item.

The rumor mill also new casts of it this week, with news of a challenger as well as Apple’s upcoming iPhone OnePlus 3 7.

ZUK Z2-a compact OnePlus Challenger?
Lenovo subbrand, ZUK, is reportedly on the way with a compact flagship as the successor to OnePlus-Challenger OnePlus 3.

New drawing: iPhone 7 will be thicker than the iPhone 6s
Two new drawings show iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus forward with almost identical dimensions as on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but in the thickness happens changes.

The week’s testing and reviews

Sony Xperia X: Subtle progress [TEST]
With Xperia X introduces Sony a new stripe of flagship phones. Here, the focus is now on design, simplicity and user experience.