Dallas Might Be The Next Blackberry, and Has Already Gone through The FCC

All electronic devices must undergo certification agencies finally hitting the market. And, in some cases, the information is filtered prior to the launch, as it has been demonstrated on many occasions. The latter case is the of the BlackBerry ‘dalla’, What could be the next Blackberry phone. Continue reading

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‘Prague’, The New Blackberry That Is Speculated Will Arrive in August… and with Android

There is no definitive data, the contrary many rumours about the launch of an Android for Blackberry phone. It reached to confirm Reuters though the company denies it, although it is true that the rumors continue fuelling with force.

The latter brings a name: BlackBerry ‘Prague’ is the code name of the Android phone the Canadian company, which already has him ready to be presented in the month of August This year. However, it will not be a phone such and as many are wishing it see it: will not be a high range, but on the contrary. Continue reading

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Rise Again with a Phone Blackberry Android?

This afternoon the bomb that many have been waiting for for time has been leaked: Blackberry Venice image by running Android. Months and months of rumors it seems they narrowed his final, and that the project proceeds. BlackBerry Android, Finally.

Present a hope that has always been there and that the Canadian company tempted with support for Android apps and the possibility of installing .apk in BB 10. Now the bet seems to be complete, with a full Android phone signed by Blackberry. Is this what you need the company to return to life and success? Can Blackberry revived thanks to a new Android phone? Continue reading

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Jim Balsillie: in BlackBerry Weren’t Prepared to Compete with The IPhone

The history of BlackBerry is something that I have had the opportunity to follow and study in detail, and not afraid to be wrong, I can say that they were not quick to combat with iPhone and everything that came before. Now one of its historical leaders, Jim Balsillie, He opens his mouth to tighten the screw more: BlackBerry was not prepared. Continue reading

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John Chen Is Sure That BlackBerry Will Be Profitable Selling Phones

While the market shares of BlackBerry they tend to zero, even in markets that historically have done very well, John Chen, still thinking that you can be profitable selling phones. The CEO believes that we must learn to understand his new role in the industry.

In results made public, you could see that BlackBerry sold 1.6 million phones in one quarter. I do not kill compare with Apple, I do it as the extreme case, with 61.2 million telephones in the same period. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Is Considering Closing Its Offices in Sweden, Says Reuters

For now it seems a trivial news item, but that surprised anyone if it then triggers a series of important decisions for the company. The origin is the Reuters Agency, who They ensure that Blackberry is considering closing its offices in Sweden.

According to the statement from the Agency, this closure would mean the dismissal of some 100 people working in the Nordic country. An anonymous caller who have contacted ensures that the process has already been initiated, and the Canadian company is currently in talks with workers to start the negotiations of the dismissals. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Goes Shopping: Up to 150 Million Dollars Per WatchDox, More Security for BES12

BlackBerry already do not take as many mobile as they sound past – campaigns that your next phone will be Oslo – but it is still active. The last movement is a purchase, a great investment: they have bought WatchDox, a company related to the security of files on the Internet. Continue reading

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Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite, Opting for The Luxury and Distinction

It seems clear that BlackBerry you want to focus your sales in businesses other than pointing the immense competition that exist in the mobile market. The CEO made it clear that the important thing was companies, but it seems that there is still space for the distinction. Continue reading

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Revenues Fall in a BlackBerry That It Seizes The Benefits

BlackBerry He has presented the fiscal results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2015, and in them the good management of John Chen, who brought to the Canadian firm of the red numbers to provide positive data in some sections is clear. Like this, the profit was $ 28 million, good news that contrasts with the fall in revenue, which has moved from the 976 million dollars in the same period of the year 2013 to 660 million this year. Continue reading

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And The Country That BlackBerry Is Still The Second Operating System Fee Is… Venezuela

Whenever different consulting published data in market share or sales of terminals according to your operating system see as while Android and iOS have a near duopoly with Windows Phone behind other operating systems often do not reach or 1% of share.

In that small space are recent creation options, as Firefox OS, or legends come unless, as Symbian or BlackBerry. But despite the reduced fee BlackBerry still maintains a stronghold where It is still the second option, just behind Android, Venezuela. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Prepares Four Telephones, One of Them with Sliding Keyboard and Curved Display

I just have one of those four phones, BlackBerry Leap is called and is intended to be part of the middle range of the Canadian company. There is nothing surprising in their specifications, which includes that it is a terminal with touch screen, no physical keyboard.

Most interesting seems the device introduced in image our news. It will be one of the new batch of phones, and is notable for a couple of things: curved screen and sliding keyboard. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Also Likes The Keyboard Type 2

We are going to get in position, Typo Keyboard is a accessory for iPhone with a physical keyboard, is added to the style BlackBerry. The design of the keys was never taste of the Canadian company, so that led their creators to courts, defeating temporarily the creators of the singular housing. Continue reading

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The CEO of BlackBerry Calls Is Obligated by Law to Develop Apps for All The OS

“All customers of mobile connectivity they should have access to any application “and legal content they want, and application and content providers should be banned from discriminating based on the operating system of the consumer”. These words appear in a letter that John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, has sent to the United States Congress as a view of BlackBerry on the neutrality of the network. Continue reading

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16 Years of The First BlackBerry, 16 Unforgettable BlackBerrys

This is an article originally published in 2015, coinciding with the 16 birthday of BlackBerry, we have decided to recover after the news of the end of new BlackBerrys from in-house manufacturing.

Although perhaps they do not pass by your best time on BlackBerry this week are celebrating, since marks 16 years of the launch of its first device, the BlackBerry 850. And talk about device and not phone, because that first terminal seemed more like a medium look for PDA than a phone. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Loses 148 Billion in The Third Quarter, Following The Fight

BlackBerry financial results have not been too encouraging in the two previous quarters, but it is clear that the situation is significantly better than what you might expect from a company that many were dead a year ago.

Things are more or less the same after the presentation of results for the third fiscal quarter, in which the company has had some net of $ 148 million loss: revenues were reduced, again, because of the lower number of smartphones sold. Continue reading

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CNN Chooses The Best Ten CEOs of The Year; Mindful of The Second Best

Just the year 2014 and as usual this is the season of lists, summaries and rankings that try to put tag to all and to all those who have had some role in all kinds of areas. CNN is no exception to this trend, and it recently announced that for them is the CEO of the year.

That person is Tim Cook, Head of Apple, a company that is turning into gold everything he touches (or almost) and maintaining its privileged position in the technology marketplace. However, the choice of the CEO who has been second according to the jury of CNN is far more interesting: John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry. Continue reading

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