16 Years of The First BlackBerry, 16 Unforgettable BlackBerrys

This is an article originally published in 2015, coinciding with the 16 birthday of BlackBerry, we have decided to recover after the news of the end of new BlackBerrys from in-house manufacturing.

Although perhaps they do not pass by your best time on BlackBerry this week are celebrating, since marks 16 years of the launch of its first device, the BlackBerry 850. And talk about device and not phone, because that first terminal seemed more like a medium look for PDA than a phone. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Loses 148 Billion in The Third Quarter, Following The Fight

BlackBerry financial results have not been too encouraging in the two previous quarters, but it is clear that the situation is significantly better than what you might expect from a company that many were dead a year ago.

Things are more or less the same after the presentation of results for the third fiscal quarter, in which the company has had some net of $ 148 million loss: revenues were reduced, again, because of the lower number of smartphones sold. Continue reading

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CNN Chooses The Best Ten CEOs of The Year; Mindful of The Second Best

Just the year 2014 and as usual this is the season of lists, summaries and rankings that try to put tag to all and to all those who have had some role in all kinds of areas. CNN is no exception to this trend, and it recently announced that for them is the CEO of the year.

That person is Tim Cook, Head of Apple, a company that is turning into gold everything he touches (or almost) and maintaining its privileged position in the technology marketplace. However, the choice of the CEO who has been second according to the jury of CNN is far more interesting: John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Screen in Passport Size, Boasts Two New Colors Appear

Appeared after the Classic, it became us clear the price would not be a factor for purchase in the new product offering BlackBerry. In the higher range we have a Passport, designed to the professional world, with its screen as main attraction.

We have seen several times to the BlackBerry Passport running, and we like to see which orientation you want to give the Canadian company to the product. That sort of thing found it easily in commercial actions. In recent days they are launching ads where they want highlight the display above that of other products. Continue reading

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Thus Operate in The BlackBerry Classic Keyboard Shortcuts

Once known price and product, turn to teach us things that we do not know or expect to see running on the BlackBerry Classic. One of them are the shortcuts on the keyboard.

Taking advantage of so much physical key, and recalling the possibilities afforded us models like the BlackBerry Bold, the Canadian company has created a long list of accesses, that occur with a long press on a key. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Classic Begins Its Commercial Life in December, Will Cost 450 Dollars

Yesterday afternoon she was moved in BlackBerry themes, but nothing that I had to do with terminals, as it is the case that concerns us. After Passport, the following had to get was BlackBerry Classic.

In both cases we knew almost everything, between leaks and official information, we’ve been learning before their placing on the market. But we wanted to know an important detail, the price of the Classic model. Continue reading

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Few There Will Be News about Blackberry Smartphones by 2015: Now to Profit

The CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, said on Reuters that two year plan to recover the good state of health of the company seems to go from strength to strength. Now they are focused on achieving benefits and they will not diversify its catalog launching too many devices.

Chen has made various cuts and has also appealed to the sale of some of its assets, In addition to consolidating agreements to reduce manufacturing costs or sell some properties that remained in Waterloo, Ontario, where are the company headquarters. Continue reading

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John Chen: BlackBerry Passport Demand Has Exceeded Our Expectations

BlackBerry CEO returns to be happy with the performance of their products on the market, was with the Z3, and now with the arrival of the top, BlackBerry Passport.

Chen points to a higher demand than expected for the device, clearly focused on the professional market. In fact, they consider that their product only interested in 30% of potential buyers, those who use Passport as a work tool. Continue reading

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New Evidence of The Blackberry Classic, Back to Its Origins

We have long been talking about long, lying above BlackBerry Classic, a new model of smartphone that should be about to be presented. We have been in the hands of one of the bosses of the company, but also in multiple filtered images and several rumors which indicate a release for the month of November. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Goes for All with a Luxurious Edition of Your Passport: The Gold Edition

BlackBerry needed to appeal to their followers and users who prefer smartphones with physical keyboard to retake the course, and it seems that passport has successful. Shortly after the official presentation of the 24 September, John Chen, CEO of the Canadian company, announced that they had exhausted not only the stock of his own shop online, but also that of Amazon, clear indications that the reception of the terminal has been good. Continue reading

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Will Get BlackBerry Clean Up Their Accounts with Products like The New Passport? The Question of The Week

We all know that BlackBerry is not experiencing its best moment. However, the arrival of the new Passport could mark a turning point in the history of the company. That is, at least, what they expect John S. Chen, Chairman of the company, and its management team. The launch of this mobile is a smart move that has allowed them to appeal to its stalwarts, typically users that phones with physical keyboard, like, but perhaps not enough to trace the flight. For this reason, this is our question of the week: Continue reading

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Do You Change Your IPhone 6 If BlackBerry Tea 550 Dollars to Buy a Passport?

Would you change your iPhone 6 $550 to buy a BlackBerry Passport? BlackBerry believes that Yes and in fact it is offering this amount of money to those who accept the change. The promotion is limited, and that Yes, it is only available in United States and Canada for customers who buy its new terminal square official website or on Amazon.com. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Passport, The Information

Although in the case of a formal presentation to the BlackBerry Passport already own the Canadian company CEO had taught her, and days later have met their specifications, and also the particularities of its physical keyboard.

There was little which rely on the largest and the BlackBerry square, but we will try to sort out the information, and tell what had not yet counted. Continue reading

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Google Opens… Assistant to The Developers But When You Can Try All Your Flagship of 2016?

Ending this year, it is time not only to the rumors and leaks of the new features that will come in a 2017 which is very promising, but we must also look back and assess What was the year 2016 for the Google ecosystem in general and the Android platform in particular.

He has been a prolific year, with many new and very important for Android, new version 7.0 Android des Nougat to Daydream, which is Pixel or Google Assistant smartphones through virtual reality. Likely to be the last the star product of the Mountain View giant in 2016, and indeed these days is being news by its openness to the Android community. Continue reading

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New Payment by Instalments of Vodafone

With the end of subsidies in April 2012, Vodafone opted for your particular financing of smartphones with a system of rates whose monthly fee depends on the range of phone He is associated with known as “Vodafone ranges” that had divided in five sections according to the cost of the phone. Continue reading

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LG Appoints a New CEO to Strengthen Its Mobile Division

LG, while continues to invest money in search for innovative smartphones, is not at its best, and is that the mobile division carries a whopping of six consecutive quarters accumulated losses, This maa starting streak in the second quarter of last year. Since their latest products have not had the expected success, they have opted for a change in the dome. Continue reading

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