Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X 1 in the Test

The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X 1 to falls from a height of three metres just survive as dives in one and a half meters deep. In the test, the tough guy must show what else can.

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Why a robust Smartphone such as the tested Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X 1? Reliability in the first place can stand also for companies, such as when the developer of sports car by Mercedes-AMG to go the circuit to verify laboratory results in practice. It is rough in boxes and vehicles, and a loss of important IT – and TK components can paralyze a test team for the rest of the day – and that is expensive.

Mass and weight

Since an investment of 1700 euro can expect fast – so much is the ultra rugged Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X 1. Its dimensions of 16.5 x 9 x 3.2 cm make it a stately appearance, and the weight of 434 grams is also not without. Panasonic sees the tough guy as a Tablet, but because it contains a full fledged telephone interface and class is the screen with 5 inches in the mobile phone, we have tested this thing as a Smartphone.


As such the Toughpad gets logically no points, for its ease of handling what screwed up the note of handling him. However, the user interface provides a native Android 4.2.2, which leaves nothing to be desired in the catchy and liquid running clock on the 1.7 GHz QuadCore-Qualcomm processor. Addition, there are three programmable and usable in combination Hardkeys which respond differently to prolonged pressure as short on. So, you can automate many functions.

Battery change on the fly

The shutdown menu has it all: in a special mode, the battery meter can be changed! You can also touch screen switch sensitive the – handy for the glove easy – or reduce its sensitivity for use in the rain. With heating device, that should do wonders for Bibbern cold up to-20 degrees, and a display that 500 cd/m2 brightness even when popping Sun remains readable, the Toughpad is equipped also for extreme weather. Normal smartphones would leave it here.


The owner of Toughpad other adversities calmly can face. So it is protected against dust and permanent immersion according to protection class IP68 – even at a depth of 1.5 meters, it should be at least half an hour safe thanks to its sturdy and lockable at critical points covers. Interesting detail: the relatively large lid of the battery compartment has two red stripes. As long as they are to see the cover still not densely sits in its hollow.

With regard to accident damage Panasonic has 810 G MILSTD-with reference to the US military standard up to a height of three meters clear, so the generally destructive falls lose their terror. The display is secured with a special protective foil cover.


But the most robust smartphone use little, if equipment or measurements are lagging behind. The Panasonic Toughpad can compete with the best in these disciplines.

Its facilities around convinces with a very large available hard disk of 24.7 gigabytes, which moreover is expandable via Microsd. On connectivity dominates the FZ-X 1 not only all wireless protocols (LTE, UMTS, GSM, WLAN 2.4 / 5 GHz, Bluetooth with all important profiles) inside out. It is also the host mode available via USB in addition to the usual client functionality that provides access to Smartphone data via PC. So that it can read from a USB Stick adapter or be operated with the mouse.


The camera, which lags behind the possibilities of more common 8-megapixel models proved little vulnerability. Here, the transparent protection interferes with the delicate optics may. A laser scanner is also protected the the professional requirements of the FZ-X 1 documents.

Sound and transmission and reception quality

The underline also the measured values. So the Toughpad on the phone sounds good, the important reduction of ambient noise in transmission direction is at a high level. The MP3 player is perfect with his ruler-straight frequency response and extremely low distortion and noise. Radio could be a little tune when it comes to GSM UMTS and Panasonic but fully exploits the possibilities the LTE important for fast data transfer.

Battery and endurance

This applies even more to the endurance. Here, Panasonic with the accumulator of 6200 mAh blows up records: so far was about 1 percent of the Smartphones connect tested on just two-thirds of this capacity.

This power leads to a mega endurance of over 12 hours in the typical standard operation. During a telephone conversation, even talk times between just under 16 (UMTS) and more than 31 hours (E net) are in there. Even in extreme cold conditions ranged from-18 degrees a battery for over 12 hours in heated standby mode; the Toughpad remained in studded disc, is always ready for use. Endurance issues are the Panasonic FZ-X 1 so even in situations foreign, the other smart phones still not even salvation would survive.

Bottom line: It’s worth

Anyone looking for a Smartphone for extreme conditions or who regularly faces with normal smartphones in his everyday life failures due to hard stress, found in the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X 1 is a very robust alternative. The unit offers very good Smartphone technology in a case, even rugged conditions can have nothing to. The word “Resilience” Gets a new quality. Dass while remaining easy to handle on the line here, is logically and from today’s perspective, not to change.

Sure, 1700 euro are money – especially for a Smartphone, if you consider that the top models from Apple or Samsung may cost half. In relation to a defect-related claims, be it through loss of earnings or the failure of a recreational adventure, this high price however is an investment that can pay for themselves quickly.