Payment from Within Your Own Applications Android Will Arrive Next Week

A way to increase their profits on the sale of applications is to allow payment within own applications (in-app purchase). Users can purchase extra content or new functionality without having to go to the Android Market. Google announced this possibility that allows developers to implement payments before the Mobile World Congress.

After publishing the technical documentation and teaching an example at the Conference of Google as the application of Disney, today launched test platform and its management for developers page as seen in the image. Is expected to launch next week, according to the Google, the first applications that include this new possibility of payment inside.

The typical example of application that could use this type of payment mechanism is the of the games that offer certain levels extras or elements of the game that can be purchased from the menu in itself. Another possible application is offering content such as electronic publishing, this could be implemented a service of periodic subscription from your own application.

Had already seen you the payment within own applications on iPhone, but now the Android Market be commercially equipped in this regard. It remains to be seen how it works on Android, since the sale of applications data confirms that payment applications succeed more among users of Apple. Google hopes to remove this constant thorn thanks to this new feature that will help to further monetize the business of mobile applications.