Pebble Steel – Physical Buttons And A Screen Could Be Better

You know the Pebble? It’s a smart wristwatch that started your campaign on Kickstarter in 2012, raising more than $10 million (the goal was $100,000). He was shown to the public for the first time a year ago, at CES 2013, and now won a new look: we tested the Pebble Steel.

This new version of the smartwatch clock keeps good part of what we saw in the previous version. The ePaper screen still has only 144 × 168 pixels and is not as sharp as I’d like; but she is always on without wasting energy, and it’s easy to view at any angle-the backlight to see her in the dark, also helps.

Instead of a touch screen watch, the Dentistrymyth has four physical buttons to control the interface. On the left side, is a function of Return; on the right side, the functionality of three buttons is controlled by the app.

For example, with Digital DriveStyle, you can control the built-in GPS in cars from Mercedes-Benz: the top button starts the navigation; the Center button serves for you warn about problems on the track (as in Waze!); and with the bottom button, you warns of heavy traffic.

Inside, virtually nothing has changed: he still waterproof (up to 5 ATM) and keep your ARM processor, accelerometer, compass, engine vibration and sensor lighting.

The Pebble Steel, however, won a smaller and thinner, with your new stainless steel body.The buttons are now closer, but it was not difficult to control them in our quick test. It also is much more elegant in the wrist, with their metal bracelets and leather (both accompany the new Pebble).

To chat with your iPhone or Android smartphone, the Pebble uses 4.0 Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity. This, combined with the ePaper screen, makes your battery lasts up to a week;She is recharged using a proprietary attachment that accompanies the smartwatch clock.

The Pebble you can do many things: get e-mail notifications, SMS, social networks; Displays information such as weather and news; controls other devices such as a camera or a car; and accompanies their physical activities. Big names like Yelp, Foursquare and GoPro already offer apps for the platform.

The news announced at CES this year is an app store, which will centralize the third-party apps and will be released in late January. To install one of them, just use the app from Pebble to iOS and Android. They also announced a partnership with ESPN, Mercedes-Benz and Pandora (streaming music) – they will offer apps especially for the Pebble.

Add support of others to a battery that lasts up to a week (instead of 25 of the lackluster Samsung Galaxy Gear) and an inviting price, and you have a successful product. The Pebble, which costs $150, has sold more than 300,000 units. But will the Pebble Steel, costing $249, you can repeat the success? The view.

The Pebble Steel is on sale exclusively through the website, initially with free shipping for the whole world.