Pebble: The Watch With E-Paper Screen

So far the e-paper only appeared well in e-readers, but that is about to change. On Kickstarter, probably the biggest crowdfunding site in the world, appeared the Pebble, a wristwatch with e-paper screen of 144 × 168 pixels that “conversation” with iPhone and Android, has support for apps and, before they even go into production, is already a roaring success.

The Pebble is lightweight, water-resistant, has an ARM processor, vibratory motor, three-axis accelerometer and four physical buttons. He talks with iPhone or Android smartphones via Bluetooth 2.1 and accepted apps — when it is launched, its creators will release a free SDK for anyone to create their apps or adapt the smartphones to work with the clock. The Pebble also acts in trivial functions of cell phones, how to show messages and inform who is calling you.

The team behind the Pebble asked $100000 to implement the project, but in 28 h reached $1 million. At this point, still missing 31 days to end the term, the project has accumulated $3,700,000 in investments. The minimum value that guarantees a Pebble black, is $115 (+ $15 for international shipping, in our case).

Smart Watches that talk with smartphones seem to be the fashion of the moment. Motorola and Sony have launched recently, the W450 and the SmartWatch clock, respectively, with similar proposals, but less impressive models and “flexible”. All follow the wave started by iPod nano and the countless bracelets that turns into a watch, many of them, like theLunaTik, financed also by the medicinelearners. If I used wrist watch, I’d be very excited with the Pebble.